Book Review: Savaged

Review of the novel Savaged by Nacole Stayton.

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Which is more difficult to learn?

Which is more difficult to learn:

  1. The skills needed to produce a marketable product or provide a service

  2. The business sense needed to start/grow/sustain a company around that product/service

And, of course, why?

Writers Unite

Currently trying to motivate myself to write again. Therefore, you get to see a series of wonderful writing and reading related images (why, yes, it IS my personal procrastination procedure). Enjoy!

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My Night at Treads & Threads

Here in Kansas City there is a large gala fundraiser for The University of Kansas Hospital Cancer Center every year called “Treads & Threads”. Through my company and specifically my own job, I’m able to work with this group for their digital needs – and I love it!

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10 Items That Make Me Smile at Work

Do you have something on your desk or workspace that no matter how many times you see it or how bad your day is going, it will bring a smile to your face? I have at least ten. These are those items, in no particular order.
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Empathy (poem)

Feeling poetic lately. It may not be my novels or even full blog posts, but at least I’m writing!

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Gypsy Heart (poem)

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Brenna Bakes…no, wait…I BAKED!! Zucchini Bread

My kids, particularly the oldest twin, have been bugging me to bake zucchini bread since we planted the garden this year. I caved this weekend. And I’m so very happy I did!

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DEG is Rocking at 150

I’ve mentioned before that the place I hold “a real job” can be totally awesome and pretty damn awesome. Hmm…maybe I need another word for awesome…although it’s pretty appropriate. We’re awesome…and a lot bigger!

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Crazy Quiz

This is one crazy quiz. No, really…this one is a BrainFall  quiz to see how crazy you are!

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