Hello and welcome to the party!

Eccentric Randomness was the best description of both the author and the subject of this blog. My tastes and activities greatly vary, I seem to have a new interest every month and I like to try many things…at least once.

About Me

Oy. This is always the hard part. Do you REALLY want to know about me? I’m sure you want to know at least the basics, right? The rest you’ll learn over time.

  • Married
  • With (3) Children – one in college, twins in middle school (identical boys)
  • Full-time office worker for an Internet agency
  • Beautiful DreamerWriter, Wanna-be Author (there is a distinction…)
  • Tattooed…on my left forearm; it looks like that –>
  • Yes, I’m overweight, but it balances out with a great rack so I don’t know that I ever want to be thin again.
  • I dance in the kitchen with my kids while cooking
  • I dance all over the house when not cooking
  • I dance everywhere – there’s always music in my head
  • I like to eat breakfast – morning, noon or night
  • I like girly things – pink, lace, flowers
  • …and karate, I love karate…
  • …and the trombone. Since it was my second college major I better like it.
  • I love the Pin-up culture and wish I were brave enough to wear it all the time. Occasionally you’ll find me dressed up but I’m too body conscious to wear it all the time.
  • I sing tenor with a local college chorus
  • I like chick flicks, action movies, superhero films and the Fast & Furious series. And Disney movies, especially the princess ones (sue me).
  • My recent favorite movie is The LEGO Movie. Everything IS Awesome! I also like Frozen, just to even out the boy/girl vibes.
  • George Takei is a damn funny man…
  • …but George Carlin was funnier
  • I like sarcasm. A lot. We’re old friends.
  • When I grow up I want to be… Loved. Remembered. Happy.

Oh…and YES – the photo in the header of this blog is me. I had a pin-up photo shoot with a good friend and that was my favorite picture. Others might show up randomly throughout the blog when most inappropriate. Like here:

Blue Eyes

What to Expect in the Content

This is MUCH easier. I won’t say “expect the unexpected”…because as soon as you expect the unexpected it becomes expected and therefore nothing is unexpected and what then should you expect? Instead, expect ANYTHING. Seriously, anything. I have no idea what might show up here yet. But, here’s a few probabilities:

  • Reviews – products, movies, books, people, places.
  • Novel excerpts – I’ve written two novels and I gotta start pushing them somewhere!
  • How-To Instructions – I like to try things off Pinterest. The results are sometimes good, sometimes bad, always fun! If I find a different way to do it, I’ll put it here. If not, I’ll send you there.
  • Random articles / photos / inspirational quotes / silly things – there is SO MUCH interesting information on the internet. I’m not going to recreate it. But I believe in curation and connection so I’ll try to point you to the random stuff I find that you might not see otherwise. And I’m sure my Facebook friends will be happy I’m not bombarding them with it anymore.

That’s it about me and the blog. Now, go read something really interesting!

XO – T.

About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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  1. nice black and white with the spearing blue eyes!

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