Brenna Bakes: Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have this beautiful young friend/coworker, Brenna, who randomly bakes the most amazingly yummy normal things. And I decided this morning that we should celebrate her with her very own category in the Eccentric Randomness world. Mostly because if I were to bake, it would be much less fun to talk about and talking about someone else baking is totally random, n’est–ce pas?

The lovely Miss Brenna Hawley

The lovely Miss Brenna Hawley

Thankfully, she doesn’t regularly do big fancy cupcakes or things you’ve never heard about. Typically, it’s some sort of cookie or brownie or bread gracing the edge of her desk.

Since we normally park next to each other and we are in the same suite of the office, I generally know what she is bringing in before anyone else. Which is awesome only in the fact that I know whether to harass her before anyone else does.

Today, Miss Brenna brought in Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Now, this may look like any ordinary chocolate chip cookie, but it’s not. It’s special for three reasons:

COOKIE!! (totally written in a Cookie Monster voice)

COOKIE!! (totally written in a Cookie Monster voice)

  1. It was made with love. Seriously, Brenna is one of the happiest, silliest, most caring girls I know. She genuinely enjoys baking and sharing with her coworkers. I like her food better simply because I know she made it.
  2. It was made with MALTED MILK. Now, Brenna said you couldn’t really tell, but I can. As a chick who prefers chocolate malts to chocolate shakes, I immediately know malt is in there. And that little extra twist makes it a step above a regular choc chip cookie. But, if I didn’t TELL you the malt was there, you’d probably just know there’s something different about them but not quite sure what exactly.
  3. It has no calories. Okay, well it probably does. But I have absolutely no way of knowing how many. So I can’t record it. Therefore, it doesn’t count. All of Brenna’s goodies fall under this category which makes me like them even more. (But when I can’t lose weight, please point me to the Brenna Bakes category and I’ll know who to blame…)

I’m going to go enjoy the rest of my single cookie breakfast now. Have a happy day!

Om nom nom - Me Like Cookie!

Om nom nom – Me Like Cookie!

XO – T.


From the Cookies & Cups Blog:

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