Confused about life? Take an online quiz!

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen more than one of your friends take one of these quizzes. They tend to spread like wildfire and everyone starts agreeing or laughing at their answers. Personally, I like to take them just to see how well the quiz maker has made them and made the ultimate answers match the individual responses. My results are never really a surprise, but they’re fun for a little time-wasting and to tell your friends “See! This is me!!”

Let’s get started…

First, let’s find out what fictional characters we are.

Personally, I am Yoda, Cinna & Cyclops – all rolled into one!

Star Wars Personality  |  Hunger Games Personality Quiz  |  X-Men Personality Quiz

Oh…and don’t forget, the Dowager Countess is thrown in there, too!

DowagerDownton Abbey Quiz on Facebook

“You are Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. Your acerbic wit and quick tongue cleverly hide a kind heart. Your fiercely protective streak means that outsiders don’t take easily to you. Your wisdom will guide those around you when they eventually realise you are always right.” [Um, duh!]

When you roll all those characters together, you naturally wonder in which animated film you should appear.

I belong in BRAVE from Pixar!

Which Pixar movie are you?

Brave“You are driven and focused, knowing exactly what you want and doing everything you can to get it. But you’re also really compassionate and loyal, never sacrificing your friendships for the sake of success, and people love that about you. You also have fantastic hair.” [Pretty much. And I’m Scotch, Irish, German so this works for me. Oh…and I’m a decided red-head so 100% spot-on!]

Then, of course, you wonder where a character such as yourself should live.

I should live in Paris!

ParisWhat city should you actually live in?

“You are an artist, a philosopher, a daydreamer. Your friends have told you before you seem to have been born in the wrong era, and they’re right. You want to live a life of passion and vigor, filled with good wine, great coffee, and world-class food. Bon voyage, you belong in Paris!” [I love Paris….or the idea of Paris. so, this is good!]

Except, of course, that I also belong in North Carolina?

What state do you actually belong in?

“You’re someone that knows what’s right and tries to do whatever they can do to make what’s right a reality. You’re hardworking, conscientious, and just a fun person to be around. Also, can we talk about your Southern brother? No? Yeah, who needs ‘em.” [And as a Southern Belle born in South Carolina, I take a bit of offense to this result.]

Well, now that that’s straightened out, what kind of job should you have?

First, let’s find out if I’m right-brained or left-brained.

I am 81% right-brained. [That’s the “creative” side, for those not in the know…] Knowing this will apparently help me know if I should pursue careers of a creative or a logical nature, so let’s get to that…

Maria CurieSo, college. What should my major have been (since I’m about 20 years past college…)?

What should your college major actually be?

“Biology! You know what’s cool? LIFE. You’re fascinated by how things work, and genuinely excited about figuring it out. You were probably the kind of kid who dismantled toys to see what was inside. You adore animals, and you hate human suffering.” [Psychology, maybe. Or computer science. Physics & chemistry even! But not biology. Bodily fluids & dissection? Yuck! And how does this jive with the right-brained thing above??]

And what should I do with said degree?

What career should you have?

McGonagall“You should be a Professor! You are a thinker, in constant search of knowledge and answers to life’s most illusive questions. You love to analyze everything, testing out theories and pushing mental boundaries. Basically you’re an Einstein, but then again you probably already knew that.” [So, more school? Although I’ve done the professor and trainer gigs, so this probably is right now. Especially the Einstein part…]

[Hm….Dowager Countess & a professor. Maybe I’m destined to be Dame Maggie Smith??]

And what can I do on the side? Do I have a hidden talent I should explore?

What’s your hidden talent?

“Music! Shiiiit. How much does it suck that you could have been another Mozart, but never tapped into your musical genius? It’s sad no one noticed the signs as a kid: intense concentration, good reflexes, an ability to multitask, rhythm, and maybe you were naturally good at math.” [Oh. Really? That’s not so hidden. My second, real-life college major was music performance. So, um…thanks? But at least now I know how to use that right-brained thing!]

Maybe we should just go live among the animals. Because knowing what animal we are makes as much sense as the rest of these.

So, what animal am I?

What animal are you?

“You are creative, practical and well-organized. If there is someone in need, you will not hesitate to offer a helping hand. Lucky those who have you as a friend, life partner or parent.


And with that, I leave you. Because, honestly, what more could possibly be added after a woman says, “I am a beaver.”

XO – T.

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