Compliments: Chapter 1

Thought I’d share the first chapter of my first novel, Compliments from a Stranger. Many people need to be “hooked” from the first few pages so let me know if I caught you with this and/or with the cover. I’m trying to get this edited and ready for publishing so I covet love your feedback. And if you’re an agent, I would LOVE to talk to you!!)


Reese raised her hand to slap him, the fire of anger lighting her blue eyes. Before Kyle felt the sting of her palm a third time, her hand dropped in defeat and the fight left her eyes. Without a word, she spun away, her long brown ponytail whipping around. The hurt on her face and her watery eyes had told him everything – he’d fucked up for the last time. Her shoulders dragged slowly upward she drew a shaky breath and he knew she’d given up on them.

‘Damn it!’ His jaw tightened in frustration as he watched her, trying desperately to figure out how to change the situation. She would have trusted him if he had just lied as he had in the past but he’d neglected to call her before they were supposed to meet last night. The little auburn-haired vixen he’d met at the bar had had his full attention and he’d forgotten about their date. Reese had seen them, his hand sliding up the redhead’s long naked leg while they’d been locked in a hard kiss; she’d turned and run from the bar before he could catch her, her little Honda screaming out of the lot by the time he got outside.

With the pretense of meetings, she’d avoided him for the majority of the workday, sparing him only pain-filled glances whenever they passed each other. At the end of the day, after everyone else had left for the weekend, he’d finally cornered her in a conference room. They’d argued for an hour before she’s lashed out in frustration, the sting of her hand still throbbing in his cheek. He didn’t know what to do or say to keep her there but he knew he had to try something before she walked out.

Kyle grabbed her wrist as she pushed past him. Jerking her to him before she could pull away, he slipped his other arm around her waist, trapping her against his rock solid body. He dragged her backward even tighter until her head rested on his shoulder, his lips to her ear as he whispered, “I would never hurt you. We were just dancing. You know I love you. I’m an idiot and I’m sorry.”

As he held her unrelentingly against his body, he placed his lips on her temple and held them there until he felt her relax into his embrace. He let go of her wrist to shift her more comfortably against his obvious erection and she surprised him with an elbow to his stomach. Jerking out of his embrace, she spun around; the spark of anger in her eyes a sign to keep his distance.

“Do you really think ‘I’m sorry’ is going to cut it anymore? I’m done, Kyle. A perfect stranger would treat me better than you do!” Reese pushed by him, waiting until she was at the door before she swiped at her face.

A muted sob escaped as she walked away and he stiffened. ‘Is she laughing at me?’ he thought angrily, misinterpreting the sound. He lunged forward and wrapped his large hand around her upper arm before she got too far away from him.

With a quick turn, she broke his hold and faced him, “No more, Kyle!”

He laughed at her as he reached for her again but she sidestepped from his touch, “No more what, baby?” He couldn’t believe she was going to let this little thing come between them.

“No more anything, Kyle. I’m done waiting for you to figure out that you really want to be with me…and just me. So no more lies. No more heartache. No more…anything.” Reese stood before him, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

They were so close, he could reach out and curl his hands into her hair, kiss her into submission as he’d done before. Holding her close, he could tell her all the things he loved about her, at least about her body, and work his way back inside her heart and her head. The tactic had worked before; easy as she was, he could always use passion, no matter how fake, to convince her of his devotion.

Before he could pull her back, she turned and ran from the room, slamming the door behind her. He stood there for several minutes, simply staring at the door before he smirked.

“No more? We’ll see about that, baby.” He walked out calmly, whistling as he headed for the stairs.

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