Best Friends & Birthday Blessings

Sometimes it floors me how well my best friends understand me and how they know exactly what I need to hear and when I need to hear it. Even when I need the tough love, “get over yourself” kind of messages, they’re strong enough women to deliver it. Today one of my four closest friends posted this to my Facebook wall:


I’m learning to accept the blessings I have,
thanks to these women!

STAPLES_MakeMoreHappenTo start off my weekend right, my Kansas bestie brought me my favorite Starbucks coffee today (without asking what it was) AND she sent me a Staples e-gift card. Seriously. Staples! Because only a best friend would know when a girl prefers office supplies (and novel-printing options) over almost anything else on the planet. The only way she could have gotten it any better is if a hot singing male stripper had delivered the coffee! 😉 She’s been talking to me all morning and patiently listening to my heartache…and then made sure I knew SHE wanted to celebrate me and do something with me tonight. She is a wonderful woman and I’m very lucky to have her.


This photo of Kerstin & me is truly US –
captured forever in a single second.

In addition to my Kansas bestie, I have three Ohio gals that have been there for me for years. One from just after college, one from college and one goes all the way back to elementary school. Yeah, she’s put up with me for 30 years. She’s either a saint or a masochist (probably a little of both).

All three of these amazing women have been there through crazy relationships, my move to Kansas almost 20 years ago, the birth of my twins, and some other not-suitable-for-the-Internet “stuff”. Through my whiny birthday crap they’re still supporting me and none of them have told me to knock it off. They either understand me or they’re ignoring me cuz they know the self-absorbed thoughts will pass (and they will…by Monday). Simply put, they all rock.

Beyond just being their awesome selves, they send me stuff. One persistently asked me last night what she could send me as a gift until I caved and gave some ideas. And I just received a gift from another through – chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake! VERY yummy!

The items are nice, of course, but it isn’t the gifts themselves that makes me so happy.

My love language is Words of Affirmation, not Receiving Gifts. It’s the thoughts they send with it that mean the most to me. It’s the messages like this that stop me in my tracks and bring a tear of joy to my eyes:

“Happy birthday to a wonderful friend who is
special to me every day!

Because I know, deep down, these women (and others) truly do care about me and cherish my existence in their lives, even if it’s years between seeing each other. And I need to remember that every day. Even on my birthday.

With their encouragement, I’m going to try turning off my brain this weekend and just accept what the universe throws at me. Because…well, this:

Life PictureXO – T.

PS – Just as I was about to click “Publish” on this post, these were hand-delivered to my desk with this message: “Happy 40th birthday to a wonderful, special woman who fills my life with love and eccentricity. I am proud to call you my BFF!” Long after the flowers fade, that message will live in my heart.


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