Round is a shape, right?

There’s a certain level of freedom in deciding to be happy in your own skin and embracing the shape of your body. Round is a shape, right? OK, I’m not exactly round, but there’s definitely extra padding on this frame. It’s more like this:


Regardless of whether or not I like my curves, I know I need to be healthier. Therefore, I’m doing the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge offered over at Run to the Finish and looking for a new gym, mostly because I do better with weights and circuit training than running or biking. And when I get to the new gym this will be me…

Here’s hoping you earned that taco today!


XO – T.

About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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