Stitch Fix #2…Second Verse, Same as the First

As I said earlier, Thursday was my “Stitch Fix Day!” Following is the not-so-positive review. But, before you think this whole post will be negative, let me reassure you. It won’t be. It’ll be funny and realistic…and unfortunately sorta kinda negative.

Box Intro

I admit, I cheated and checked online for my checkout sheet again. After the first fix I was very wary about this one. I had tried to be more explicit in my preferences and my style but i still didn’t feel like this was going to work for me. I had done some research through Facebook and Google and was disheartened. Many of the happy customers looked to be skinnier girls – not model thin, but size 6/8. And many of the dissatisfied customers were larger – 12/14. Like me.

But, I said I’d give it another chance so here goes. Here’s what I saw when I first opened the box:


Cute, right? Tied up like a little package inside the box! I immediately loved the purple item’s color but the print scared me…a lot. Now, I had already liked the idea of several of the pieces from my checkout sheet and I was really looking forward to getting into this package. The “Beckham Lace Detail Cross-Front Blouse” sounded promising and the “Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top” could potentially be a winner since I like cowl necks – but is it really good to buy something long-sleeve as we enter into Spring/Summer? The same thought applied to the Cardigan. I love cardigans but are they really for Spring/Summer when they’re heavy material?

Apparently, my stylist thought long-sleeves were good for the upcoming seasons, according to the note she included:


Noticing anything missing from this card? I did. There was nothing in here about why these particular pieces were chosen for me. The season, the colors, etc. but not about why they would be good for me, specifically. Someone just sending out cute clothes would of course talk about the clothes. A stylist interested in helping the client, IMO, would talk about the client. This was a bit of a flag for me (but maybe I’m reading too much into a 5 sentence note written by someone I’ve never met).

Enough foreplay…let’s get down to it.

Dominic Belted Tabsleeve Shirtdress


There are no words for me right now on the amount of wrong this dress encompasses. Shirt dresses are generally fairly shapeless (even with a belt), clingy and dowdy. And the pattern…um, no. Never. Regardless of what it was used for, just no. One of my sons said I resembled a “demented zebra”. The honesty of tweens is both disheartening and refreshing. They do not mince words. And I agreed with him.


I kinda felt like I was wearing a weird hospital gown. One positive about this dress: it was SO SOFT. But soft, unflattering and shapeless doesn’t get me to spend $78. Into the return bag it went.

Beckham Lace Detail Cross-Front Blouse

White Bouse Card

One of the items I was really looking forward to trying on – from the checkout page, to the card, to seeing it in person, it had potential. On me? Potential over.

I went out to show my husband and he just shook his head, “No.” I asked for clarification. Was it too loose, a bad fit, it washed me out, what? “I don’t answer questions like that.” – this is smart husband speak for “It makes you look much bigger.” (After 17 years, he’s fairly well-trained.) So, the white blouse with its $68 price tag joined the demented zebra dress in the return bag.

Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top

Blue Blouse

The other immediate potential. GORGEOUS color. One of these BEST I can wear because it makes these big blue eyes of mine pop. And the cowl neck was long with a second layer to help cover the girls. It also looked to have a waist so I believed it would have a more fitted look. Beliefs…dashed.

blue Blouse

Now, you might look at this and say, “What’s wrong with her? This looks nice!” And you’d be mostly right. Overall it’s not a bad look and it was another super soft top. And the color did indeed look good on me. What didn’t work on it? that really DEEP cowl and the sheer layer underneath. When the cowl shifted too much, there was NOTHING left to the imagination.

Blue Front

Yep, that’s a lot of cleavage showing there. And some actual breast. Not the best picture, but you get the idea. I showed my husband and I think he was going to give me a thumbs up until I moved. The cowl opened and he got an eyeful. And so did my tween son. One gave an “ewww” and the other said, “Not in public, right?” (You can guess which man said which statement). I’m all for a little (okay, a lot) of cleavage, but this was too much to show at work, even for me. It sadly joined the others in the return bag. Bummer was that it was an affordable $48.

Hildie Tie-Neck Abstract Print Blouse


Oh. Another print. After this being one of the questions:

PrintsYep – all of them are checked except animal prints.  Double checked that a couple of times because I know my style and I don’t like prints. Hardly at all. Especially paisley. (Although, the fact that I didn’t check animal prints could explain the demented zebra dress above…) And yet… an abstract print blouse. Do I HAVE to try this one?? Okay, I said I’d be open-minded and try it all.

I gave it a chance both tied (as it should be) and untied (which to me looked better). Still a no go. Shapeless, a print and not flattering to me. Buh-bye peasanty blouse. You would have been acceptable at $44 if only you’d had some redeeming quality besides your price.

Benfield Heathered Drape Front Cardigan


CARDIGAN!!! I ❤ cardigans! If you check out my Pinterest style board, you’ll see many of my pins do indeed have cardigans or some sort of tank top/open top combination. (And much to my chagrin, there is ONE shirtdress on there, too.)

The card makes it look like the sweater is black but it’s not. It’s a deep purple. Very pretty in fact. And bonus – POCKETS! Not patch pockets, but real pockets, between two fabric layers. Yep. Layers.


This was another really soft and cozy piece. The color was nice and could be paired with several neutral colored tanks or tees. But it was pretty warm. And pretty big on me. I almost kept it anyway just because it was so cozy. But, for $58 I could probably find a couple of better choices for the up coming seasons. This would be a better fall selection, IMO. Sorry Purple…into the bag you go.


Well…there you have it. 5 pieces in the box, 5 pieces on me, 5 pieces into the return bag. All done. Stitch Fix day is not as happy as I’d like it to be. Although it’s against my nature to do things in odd numbers, I’ll try this a third time. I know they can get me at least one item that’s the right color, size and price for me. So, I’ll go check out and point them to this post so I don’t have to rewrite everything. Then I’ll revisit my profile once again AND add a few more things to my style board. More pin-up styles for hourglass shapes, more color with a lack of pattern, more layering options. Try to give a better look into my own style.

One more chance StitchFix. Just once more…

XO – T.

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