SBBC Kickoff!

Today is the day – time to bust this booty into shape! And now… a poem to encourage and delight…

This morn on the scale, oh what did I see?
Too high a number, staring at me!
It taunted and teased, threatened to undo
My mind and my soul – oh what should I do?!
To Amanda’s blog! I hastened with haste
Before my sweet coffee I dared to taste
With her nice pushing way, I found my true path,
With a guide in the form of a displaced KC lass!
And now I shall join the busting of booties
(And hope I don’t lose my big rack of boobies!)
With veggies galore and a few fruits thrown in
Exercise daily – oh that’s how to begin!
Tonight a brisk walk with my boy kids in tow,
While we talk and talk about all that we know.
Tomorrow my katas will reappear
O sweet martial arts – that’s not much to bear!
We can all do this and get into fine shape;
Now get to moving – there’s no red tape!
If you haven’t already, go sign up today;
The SBBC needs you – HIP HIP HOORAY!

XO – T.

PS – Why yes, YES, I must say, I am channeling Dr. Seuss today!

About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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