Try at home: True & Co.

I just signed up for a new try-at-home service and I am excited! It has a premise similar to Stitch Fix. The difference: you get to actually PICK what they send you to try out (which is good, because we know my experience with someone else picking for me hasn’t been stellar). And there’s no upfront cost. Sound good? Read on!

This is probably not a post for my male readers. Sorry, guys. But you might want to send it on to your female friends and family members. Or maybe just read on because like a good bra you support breasts!

To start off, you should know that True BraI believe that there are four things every woman should have to feel confident in their appearance:

  • a favorite lipstick,
  • a pair of comfortable heels,
  • the right mascara and
  • a bra that fits right!

I so firmly believe this last one that I will rarely go clothes shopping with a friend until she has gotten a proper fitting. And, I’m honestly FLOORED by the number of women who have never been fitted. I read 80% somewhere – 80%. Think on that…only 1 out of 5 women is wearing the right support garment! There are women that think what they wore in high school or before they had kids or before they gained/lost weight is the same size they are now. IT JUST AIN’T SO!


Before you go visit the site I’m going to talk about below, you need to be ready. This means you need to measure the girls. If you have a significant other, consider having them measure you. (Seriously. It can be fun!) I won’t tell you how to do it, but here’s a handy video from Linda the Bra Lady (she has many Braducational videos out there).

If you’re not sure you’re doing it right (and I cannot emphasis enough the importance of this) then go to a lingerie store – a real one. Not the lingerie department of a larger store. Go somewhere they specialize in this stuff!  My favorite is Victoria’s Secret – they’re knowledgeable, friendly, perhaps a tad too chipper, but very helpful in finding what actually WORKS on your body.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can talk about this website I found:


True LogoI’m not really sure where I first heard about True & Co. but it might have been a Facebook ad. (Yes, those things actually do work sometimes.) I signed up a while back but didn’t want to pay up front while I was also doing Stitch Fix – I can only handle one addiction at a time. But, since they changed it to no upfront cost, I’m in!

Tonight, I started by taking their quiz. There are about 14 questions that ask about the straps, the band, the cups, the general fit, breast shape, etc. After that, I got my own little boutique to shop in.

What I love most about my personal shop is that it ONLY SHOWS MY SIZE! There’s nothing worse for me when doing online shopping then where there aren’t filters for size, I pick something and they don’t even offer it in my size. This site takes the guesswork and back-and-forth out of it. And if I leave my shop and just go browsing, it still tells me which items are my size on the index pages. Oh…and on detail pages, my size is already selected!

True Fits

Next, there are a good assortment of styles from which to select. For my boutique there were padded, underwire, front clasp, lacy, racer back, t-shirt, etc. Smaller sizes have additional options like bralette, demi, banded, etc. (My girls don’t fit in those so they don’t show up in my store.)

Third, there’s more than just bras. They have panties, shapewear, loungewear, and accessories. And you can add some of these to your try-at-home box, too! So, I did…

After perusing my store, I selected three bras to try out. They’re all very different from each other and different from what I usually wear. And various sizes since my quiz showed I might not be wearing the right size (yep – even with annual measurements, I’m possibly wrong!). Their experts will add another two “surprise” bras to the mix. I also selected two types of panties and a shapewear tank top to try out. Since I signed up before my birthday they sent me a code for a gift – a free pair of panties. Nice! And…there was no upfront cost. Even nicer!

Now…I wait. In 5-7 days I’ll have a box of lingerie to try out at home. And what I like, I keep. What I don’t, goes back. Easy peasy. And I can’t wait!!

Oh – and if YOU can’t wait, you don’t have to do the at-home try on – you can just order flat out.

One possible pitfall – the cost.

The bras I selected average out to $62/each. For me, this is a perfectly acceptable cost. Many women will balk at it. But, before you write this off as something you can’t swing, think on the following:

You wear a bra EVERY DAY of your life (more than likely).

Would you spend $62 for a dress or a great pair of slacks or shoes that you would wear maybe 1/7 that often…or 1/30 as often? Plus, the right bra will enhance your breasts and make the rest of your clothes fit better. If you’re wearing the wrong bra or an old bra, everything starts going downhill fast (and I don’t just mean the girls themselves).

For the record, mine cost more because of the type I select and my size – my options tend to be a bit limited where ever I shop. There were some as inexpensive as $25 on there so don’t think you HAVE to spend a lot.

Try it out…for free!

True Home

Do yourself a favor and go sign up. Answer their quiz as honestly as possible. Pick some items and try them out in the privacy of your own home. I think you’ll be happy if you do. And don’t worry – I’ll tell you how it worked for me (although you might not get the full picture version like my Stitch Fix reviews).

XO – T.

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