FEAR Update: Appointments!

I took the first step in dealing with my FEAR! (Yep – proud of myself)


Step One: Make Appointments! – CHECK

I’m not going to let this FEAR rule me anymore. So, I made appointments to start down the new road. I’m still nervous and I’m not 100% sure I won’t ask someone to go with me, but I made them, so…first step done!!

Step Two: KEEP the appointments and do whatever tests they recommend.

This doesn’t sound too hard but it’s easy not to show up or to cancel for the littlest reason. One is this week, which makes it harder for me to cancel – I hate to cancel anything at the last minute. But the second isn’t until mid-April…hope I can last that long!

XO – T.

PS – Updates will continue to come but there won’t be a lot of details cuz it’s pretty personal. But please hold me accountable and bug me at the first hint of letting fear rule me again.

About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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