Novel Lines

These are a few of my favorite lines…from my own novel, Compliments from a Stranger. Hope you like!

Beautiful Sentences

Every once in a while during the editing process I just stop editing and read – really read what I wrote. I’m sometimes floored that certain phrases or paragraphs are in there – I’d forgotten little things that made it all connected. Sometimes they’re beautiful, others profound and some downright scary and horrible. And while these might not be lines worth of Shakespeare or Hemingway or even Poe, they’re mine and I’m proud of them. And I hope someday you read them in context and understand the importance of each one. The last one on here is my favorite – and it sums up the novel fairly succinctly.

He kissed her as if it was the only thing he would ever need with her, but not the only thing he would ever want.

In his mind, she was his now; his not to own or control but his to love and to protect. And he would protect her even when she didn’t know it, whatever it would take.

Reese had no doubts of his intentions now. Her feelings weren’t being considered at all but there was almost nothing she could do. She was at his mercy and he didn’t appear to have any to give today.

“Well, I’m no Prince Charming,” he said quietly, “but you should be treated like a queen.”

“I’m okay with whatever you need. Waiting is fine and I will never be mad at you for stopping.”

She pulled him into an embrace, holding him until he rested his cheek on top of her head, letting her comfort him in the grief he hadn’t wanted to admit, even to himself.

She had a certain quality that drew you in, that made you care.

After she was asleep, [he] stood again in her doorway, just watching her. This was the only time she seemed at peace and she truly was beautiful in that state. He couldn’t tear his eyes from her and barely stopped himself from walking into her room uninvited, just to be closer to her. He stalked back to the living room, dropping hard on the couch, forcing himself to fall asleep before he did something regrettable.

“We’ve been friends since elementary school. Like 1st or 2nd grade. We still argue about which it was. Regardless, ours is a friendship built on dodge ball and swings…We all played the same sports and sometimes chased the same girls. “

When he engaged the lock, the quiet click was loud in the silent room but Reese’s heartbeat was louder in her own ears when she heard the snick of the latch.

Reese leaned away, raising her hand to cup his cheek. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.” She said this simple statement with more love than anyone had ever directed to him and his heart swelled with emotion.

Reese’s heart stopped for a beat. No man, not ever, had hesitated at this point. She was floored at his control and his desire to do right by her, for her.

She still couldn’t understand how they could see her so differently, expect such different things from her, but both claiming to know her so well. Logically, she knew that said more about the kind of men they were then about the kind of woman she was, but logic didn’t always win the battle with emotion.

I hope you enjoyed these little glimpses of my characters and their story. And here’s to renewed hopes that this will someday by published. 🙂

XO – T.

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