Double, I mean TRIPLE, Chocolate Brownies

Brenna baked again…BROWNIES this time. “So what?” you might say, “Everyone can make brownies.” Um…no. No they can’t. Not like these!

Brenna’s Brownies

I don’t know what it is about Brenna but she has this unique ability to infuse everything she makes with pure yumminess. I make brownies all the time – love to make them (and eat the raw batter…shhhh). But they are always too mushy in the middle or too dry on the edges or just flat. Brenna made them and they’re fat, chunky, moist and downright YUMMY!!

Brenna's Brownie

Just what I needed today!

The Recipe

I asked Brenna to share her recipe and it turns out she really is Martha Stewart. Or, at least she used a Martha Stewart recipe as a base. I’m not going to rewrite it, just go follow it: Martha Stewart, Double-Chocolate Brownies

What, then, makes Brenna’s better than Martha’s?

The Add-Ins!

Brenna said she rarely makes these brownies just as they are. Because “2 inches of solid chocolate just isn’t enough.” And she is so RIGHT. She likes them to be “even more substantial” – and I completely agree!

So what does Brenna add? “Whatever I have open!”

This time, it was about 1.5 cups of chocolate chips. She’s also made them with plain and peanut M&M’s, a mix of semi-sweet and white chocolate chips, and chocolate chunks. We brainstormed and figured out you could add nuts, butterscotch or peanut butter chips, or even cinnamon chips for a neat little twist. I think I want to try it with some nuts. Or maybe mint chocolate chips. Or maybe crushed peppermint candies. Or…you get the idea!

At most, you can add up to 2 cups of whatever and it will be properly chunky without killing the brownie-ness of it all. Just add something in after it’s all mixed but before you put it in the pan to bake.

I can’t wait to make these myself now and try something fun with it. Hope you enjoy trying them too!

XO – T.

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