I’m a list maker. I fully admit this. I’m not to the extent I need a 12-step program to overcome it, but I do like a good list. Daily To Do lists for work, chores for my kids, upcoming events, lists of lists I make like this one, people I like and don’t like…oh, wait…that last was a secret…oops. (Pretend you didn’t read that…) But, in particular, I make lists when I travel.

I’m always afraid I’ll forget something important or, worse, forget to bring it back. So, I usually have a list on my laptop or handwritten and put with my airline ticket or other travel documents. It’s usually pretty detailed, with all the various electronics & their plugs, all the documents I need to remember, the clothes, personal effects, etc. This time, I took parts of my list and wrote them where they would do the most good while packing…on mirrors!


That’s the bedroom list for tomorrow morning, when I have to finish packing for a trip to DC & Ohio. I have a separate list for the items I shouldn’t forget in the bathroom (razor, bath gel, face cleanser, etc.). I write them with dry erase markers and they wash right off the mirror surface. Putting them in these locations means that I’m more likely to read them as I’m using those items and remember to drop them in the suitcase as I finish. It’s also a quick list where I can look over the dresser or bathroom and see the empty holes where the items were to confirm they made it in the bag. I’m hoping it makes for a little less stress in the morning!

What are some great travel tips you use? Do you make lists or just hope for the best? Would love to hear your thoughts!

XO – T.

PS – YES, that IS a Raggedy Ann doll in the reflection. I think she’s about as old as I am, if not older. Remind me to share the story of the life-size Raggedy Ann doll I got when I was three… 🙂

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  1. nammielovestotravelandthings

    This is such a fantastic idea! I can see why it works… After all, we’re all looking in mirrors for last minute touch-ups, or to brush our teeth. I can’t count how many times I’ve written a list on a sheet of paper, only to lose it/for it to drop under my bed. I’ll be doing this in the future – thanks for the tip ^_^ Have a lovely time in DC/Ohio!

    • Thanks! I hope it helps and you enjoy YOUR travels! As an afterthought – be sure to pack that dry erase marker and make a duplicate list on the hotel mirror for the trip home! 🙂

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