Regular Doses of Snark

Do you like movies? Do you like to make fun of movies? Do you sometimes wonder “WTF was Hollywood thinking?!” when they made a certain movie? Even movies you like will have “HUH?” moments in them, since “No movie is without sin.” And if you’re like me, you like a healthy dose of snark and sarcasm and someone pointing out all these movie sins. For this, I now direct you to one of my favorite places on the Internet – the CinemaSins YouTube channel.

CinemaSinsEverything Wrong With…

Hands down, my favorite part of their channel is the “Everything wrong with…” videos. These sweet spoilers have a pointless point system of “sins” the movie is guilty of with a great voice-over. There are quips like, “Because…physics.”, “Now you’re just making sh*t up!” and “What the actual fu*k?!” that simply make me giggle aloud. There are call outs on clichés, plot conveniences, audible sighs and inconsistencies. Many times it’s things you’d see yourself if you watched the movie, like, twenty times.

Now, don’t go looking for these to be overly negative or think they’re out to destroy your favorite films – they’ve done sin videos on their own favorite movies! These are very much tongue-in-cheek, funny, and honest. And they make watching future movies interesting because you start hearing the guy’s voice in your head, pointing these things out for you (or…maybe that’s just me). Think of it as a modern movie version on the Mystery Science Theatre 3,000 (MST3K) Sci-Fi show (or maybe that’s only a relevant example for geeks like me…audible sigh)

Fair Warning! Don’t watch these if you haven’t seen the movie yet. They are full of spoilers (duh) and I don’t want you to be mad at them (or me).

Some of my favorite EWW videos:

What’s the Damage

Ever wonder how much all the stuff destroyed in an action movie would cost? They’ve done the research for you on this topic! For example, Twister and Die Hard:

Conversations with Myself

There’s also a section that I don’t find nearly as entertaining, but someone might. Essentially the video creator sits in two places in the video, in different outfits, and talks to himself as if he is of two different sides of a debate. Here’s a sample:

Take a break and have a laugh

So…if you find yourself in need of a good chuckle with 3 to 15 minutes to spare, check out their channel. Watcher, beware! I find the videos are a bit addicting – I can never get away with watching just one…or two…or three.


XO – T.

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