BirchBox Review #1

Last week, just before my trip, I received my first BirchBox. I was excited to receive this, since I’ve heard good things from several friends and coworkers who get them. I wasn’t overly excited about the contents, but it wasn’t as bad as my first StitchFix box.

First, as I was a little surprised at how tiny the box was! Maybe I’d been expecting something bigger because of the StitchFix & True and Co. boxes but this was little. As you can see, it was barely bigger than the shipping label. And…there was no mistaking what was inside!

Pink BirchBox Box

Inside the pretty pink outer box was a simple brown box, also emblazoned with the BirchBox logo.

Brown BirchBox Box

Inside this box, was a collection of samples, a little “Rainy Day Tip” and a card telling me what these samples are and how much full size versions will cost. I was kind of hoping the Tip would be an actual beauty tip, some new thing to try or details on how to make a cat eye or something. Telling me to binge watch TV, while cute, isn’t really helpful. I watch enough TV as it is!

What’s in the Box

According to my little card, I got these items:

Beauty Protector

Protect & Detangle. Since I have a chin-length bob, tangles aren’t ever an issue. There’s literally nothing that happens to my hair that I can’t finger-comb out in seconds. So, I gave this to my sister-in-law; she has long hair and might find use from this. I’ll post her feedback later.

Color Club

Gala’s Gems Collection, Aquamarina Azulino nail polish. It’s a pretty light blue color. I might try this soon, but I’m really a dark red girl and I don’t stray much. But it’d be nice for a short change.


Color Contrast Eyeliner – Jamun (Deep Purple). Purple eyeliner. Um, okay. I guess it contrasts nicely with my new blue nail polish? And neither goes with the “traditional” look I said I wear.

UPDATE! I was quick to judge this because it said purple. I opened it and swiped it over my hand – it’s VERY deep purple, almost black. Wore it today. It’s a little thicker than I normally use, but it was a nice even application and my eyes pop with that little bit of non-black. This might be a keeper / full-size needed!


Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream. I didn’t see that this was a foundation until just now as I’m writing this. I’m a little more apt to try this now and perhaps purchase a full size quickly if I like it. I could use a good foundation makeup with SPF before I head to Costa Rica. Update after use coming.

UPDATE! I tried this out today and I think I’m in love with it! Very light feeling, yet complete coverage and the right shade (love the magic behind self-adjusting shades!). There’s enough to try it at least once more, so we’ll see how I feel about it again tomorrow but this might also be a keeper / full-size needed item!

KIND Snacks

Healthy Grains Bar – Maple Pumpkin Sees with Sea Salt. I full intended to try this on the plane but it seems to have been lost in my bag. I like pumpkin seeds and all the whole grains this bar has in it. Update to come after I try it (which means I have to find it).

UPDATE! Found the bar! And it was still edible, although maybe a little smushed. It was very sweet (maple flavoring) and there was a good mix of textures and grains. The sea salt was a nice addition but some bites that’s all I could taste. It was okay and filling, but I don’t know that I would regularly eat these; they won’t become my go-to snack. For now, I’ll stick with my Sunbelt Bakery Oats & Honey chewy granola bars (or their Fudge Dipped Coconut or Banana Harvest versions)


Overall, I was a little “meh” about this box. It’s nice to get the samples, but I hoped that at least one of the beauty items would be immediately usable and within my preferences. I don’t mind a little experimentation, but I don’t want everything to be an experiment. I honestly wonder if these companies read the full questionnaire they make you fill out or if they only use one or two answers to say “ok – we got her covered”. Just seems for all the detail I provided, nothing really fit the “me” I presented to them.

Recommendation: I guess if you have little understanding of your own style, you truly like to experiment with everything, and/or you just like little samples (maybe you like to hold the miniature things and feel like a giant?), this is a good box for you. As for me, I’ll update some of my settings and try it again for May at least. However, I don’t expect much in the way of usable samples where I’ll actually purchase the full size.

UPDATE! Feeling better about the box since I shut up and actually tried out some of the items. I’m still not much on blue nail polish and I didn’t get long hair overnight to try the detangler, but the CC Cream & Eyeliner are new faves. I did find my snack bar too, so I’ll try that and see how it tastes.

XO – T.

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  1. Will you be doing another BirchBox review? I might subscribe if I I hear that you got 2-3 good boxes in a row.

    • I will try it at least once more but I think I’ll be changing my “Meh” on this one to a much higher rating. I need to come up with my own “eccentric” rating system. 🙂

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