StitchFix Review #3

Well, I guess old sayings become old sayings for a reason. Trying StitchFix for a third time was definitely the charm!

Admittedly, when I read the descriptions of what I was getting, I was a little underwhelmed by the list.

  • Baggu Melanie Canvas Duck Bag, Navy (striped, really) – $38
  • Angie Schmitt Mixed Chevron Maxi Dress, Grey (B/W is grey?) – $78
  • Kut from the Kloth Nannina Capri Jean, Navy – $78
  • Ellison Carlie Mixed Lace Short Sleeve Shirt, White – $54
  • Loveappella Janie Cross-Front Dolman Sleeve Knit Top – $54

Corlorful Box

Of those five items, only two seemed like maybes – The Maxi Dress (Although…$78 for a cotton dress? Ouch!) and the lace shirt. But, like a good girl, I tried them all on – well, except the bag. It’s a bag after all!

A little background: I had updated my profile, including a little (snarky?) message about actually looking at my Pinterest board and reading my profile. I had also specifically requested items that would work for a my upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

April SF NoteI’m guessing the message worked. Here’s my stylist’s note to me:

Stylist Note

What’s in the Box?

Baggu Melanie Canvas Duck Bag – $38

This look like a good type of bag to take to the beach in CR. And it was pretty cute, for a bag:

Canvas Duck Bag

Since I can purchase a beach bag much cheaper elsewhere and I won’t worry if it gets damaged or lost on the trip, I didn’t think this was worth the $40. So, this bag went in the return bag.

Angie Schmitt Mixed Chevron Maxi Dress, Grey (B/W is grey?) – $78

Maxi Dress Card

This was one of the maybes. From the picture, I really liked the general shape of the dress and the patterns. When I pulled it out, I liked that there was not only one thigh-high slit in the dress, there were two – one on either side of the large stripe panel on the front. I’m always looking for a maxi with a slit, so this raised its value in my eyes.

The top was a bit unflattering, in that the waist didn’t fit where a waist should be nor did it get pulled up to make it a “high-waisted” fit. The sewn-in waist hit right at my ribcage, which was awkward and a bit uncomfortable. If it had been half the cost I might have considered it, but at $78 I want a perfect fit. Bummed but it had to go in the return bag.

Kut from the Kloth Nannina Capri Jean, Navy – $78

Capri Jeans Card

I thought I had checked the “no bottoms” option, but I guess I didn’t. Capri as a concept would fit well for the trip, but denim is heavy and hot for CR. I went ahead and tried them on, just to see the fit.

Capri Jeans on Me

Definitely a good fit from the hips down. Really good fit, actually. But they’re low-waisted and this mommy-of-twins definitely needs pants that are at-the-waist. The enviable muffin top was hidden by the shirt I tried on with them and I refuse to show you the reality. Trust me – not pretty. Back in the bag they went.

Ellison Carlie Mixed Lace Short Sleeve Shirt, White – $54

Lace Shirt Card

This had potential when I saw the card and when I saw it in person. There was a nice tank top included to wear underneath and the overall look was “okay”. Not great, but nice.

Lace Top

The sleeves were a bit awkward – I think it would be better as sleeveless or with regular sleeves but these not-quite-cap sleeves were weird to me. There were little cut-outs on the back as well (I accidentally tried to use one as a sleeve – there’s your laugh for the day…) but overall the effect was just…meh. Back in the bag it went as well.

Loveappella Janie Cross-Front Dolman Sleeve Knit Top – $54

Pink Top Card

Just as I was losing hope, I got to the 5th item. I’d already written this off in my head since it’s a dolman sleeve. My first box had a green dolman sleeve top in it and I had written somewhat unfavorably about the lack of form and attractiveness of the style and I thought they’d ignored that (again). But, this has a fitted waist and the cross-front was rather flattering for my shape. And of course – HOT PINK! Very wonderful!

Love love love love love! So, I kept it. Duh! I even stuffed it into my suitcase as I was running out the door for the airport because I wanted to have it for my girlfriend lunch on Sunday. What’s even better about it is that I can dress it up or wear it with jeans. Seriously – I love it. Since I’d already paid the $20 stylist fee that would be deducted from the cost or be lost to me, I justified the purchase by saying it would only be $34 (more). Finally, with the “third times a charm” cliche in place, I finally have a KEEPER!!


I’m still not 100% sold on this service for bigger women, but I’m now more of a fence-sitter than a “hell no”. And I’m willing to try at least once more. I’ve asked in several places for this third stylist again; unfortunately her (his?) name wasn’t on the card, so I can’t ask by name. But, since I’ve been glowing (more or less) in this review, I hope they listen. I think the right stylist makes a HUGE difference in what makes it into your box. And, from other blogs I’ve read, I definitely think if you’re a smaller size (4-1o) you’re going to have better luck with this service simply because they have a wider range of options to send you. You might have to try a few times to get them to understand your true size if you’re bigger (12-14 and/or top-heavy). And regardless of your size, if you’re pretty particular on your style or not much for a lot of experimentation, it make take a few tries for them to nail down your style correctly. But, for $20, I say try it out and see what you get!

XO – T.


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  1. As an attendee of the girlfriend lunch, I thought you looked fabulous in the pink knit top!

    • Thank you! I wore it again today (washed last night, of course) and I think the guys in choir liked it too. 😀 Definitely my new favorite / go-to shirt for comfort and cuteness!

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