It was a work call…

Criminal Minds is still one of my favorite shows and  as a die-hard fan I am, of course, all for the Penelope/Derek hookup. Last night, this episode was on again and I loved their little exchange. I think it made the other women who heard him wonder 1) who he was talking to and 2) how they could get a job working with him.

This might seem “inappropriate” for some, might even be considered harassment by many, but for me? I have no problem with the Derek Morgans of the world! 😉 I appreciate the way they banter and they both KNOW it’s banter with just a hint of truth to it.

They aren’t hurting anyone else with their words, what they say makes the other person smile, and the care is genuine. To me, this is a really great friendship; it’s the type of friendship that could become something more but if it never evolves, their friendship will last because of the true affection they have for one another.

Some people complain because it’s the workplace where they talk like this. There was even a later episode that addressed “sexual harassment” with these two as the focus.

Baby Girl

I honestly think it’s good they have this relationship at the office – where else do you spend 40+ hours a week with the same group of people? If you can’t be good friends with your coworkers, maybe you’re taking life a bit too seriously. And with the jobs they’re portraying on this show, I can only assume the stress, negativity and pain they would have to live with on a daily basis. To be able to talk with someone who understands, who can always make you smile, who can get you through the crap of the day? Priceless.

Personally, I think if both parties are comfortable with who they are and they have mutual respect there’s nothing wrong with this type of exchange. And, it’s really no one else’s concern since it doesn’t include them. Maybe it’s time for people to stop being so sensitive about every little thing that is said or done, take a step back to see the big picture, understand the whole person, and recognize the relationships between individuals before judging or complaining.

Now…what do you think?

XO – T.

PS – Feel free to post the opposite viewpoint in an adult manner – I welcome the discussion! I love a good debate and honest conversation and will often agree to disagree when we’re at a stand-off. However, I don’t tolerate
trolls. If you come here, particularly to this post, and make overtly negative, rude or inappropriate comments, or make any type of personal attack on me, another reader or anyone in the general public, I reserve the right to delete, block and report your unhappy ass. You’ve been warned. 🙂

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