Review: Captain America, The Winter Soldier

Two weeks late, but I finally got to see the new Captain America movie. Oh…and I took the boys along with me. 😉

AvengersI actually like how Marvel is currently running all the Avengers movies together – as if they’re one long storyline, focusing on individual players and then bringing them back together as needed. Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill are in this movie, so that was a definite tie-in. The occasional references in this movie to Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Thor reminds you they’re still all interwoven.There was a definite lack of Hawkeye references, which bugs my kids – we all like him (I like him mostly because he’s played by Jeremy Renner…yum!)

One day, I want to sit down and have a LOOOONG Marvel marathon – in timeline order. Just because I can…since I own them all. I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t as big a fan girl as I am, my children wouldn’t know the awesomeness that is comic books, superheroes and Marvel movies. Their dad is definitely not a fan of any of these things but I love ’em all! All kids should know the superhero world, yes?

Overall, this movie was pretty much what I expect from a Marvel movie these days – lots of action, maybe a bit of confusion if you don’t know the characters they’re introducing, more than a little predictability and just plain popcorn-requiring fun. There were some really slow, very quiet parts which might have been annoying had it not been for the man snoring at the front of the theater. At one particular moment, the whole room was  silent, listening to what the characters were saying, ready to be emotionally affected and then “Sknnnxxxxxxxx” and lots of giggling.

Here there be spoilers…read on at your own risk…

NatashaRegarding my predictability remark above: is there anyone who is surprised that “The Winter Soldier” is Bucky Barnes? Or that the neighbor nurse wasn’t really a nurse? Or that Nick Fury wasn’t really dead?  I mean, the “foreshadowing” done in these movies is pretty heavy-handed and everything is fairly predictable. I knew they’d wait until the last possible second for Cap to put the chip in place and that Barnes would have a change of heart to save the day. I think the only thing that truly caught me by surprise was when they revealed Natasha pretending to be the Councilwoman. My thought process during that scene was “Finally! Another woman kicking ass…Oh. Wait. Never mind…it’s Natasha.” during that scene.

AfterCreditsIt was also really predictable that there would be two stingers – between the “big name credits” and the real credits and AFTER all the credits. (Marvel movies always have two now in case you didn’t know that.) My kids knew to wait for the first but they thought I was nuts waiting for a second one. I finally had one of them pull up and we read that there would be a second one. I am now an all-knowing goddess in their eyes.

CA-WSDon’t get me wrong! Predictability is part of why I like these movies. I don’t go to the theater to watch deep, meaningful, life-changing movies. I save those for home where I can pause, reflect and discuss as necessary. I like going to the movies for the mindless entertainment. I don’t want to be pushed intellectually or made to assess my standings on issues or my place in the universe. I like action films with little plot, hot guys and, preferably, hand-to-hand combat. Superhero films, Fast & Furious series, the Bourne series, Mission:Impossible series…you get the idea. Movies I can talk about with my kids, maybe see a little current affairs/social commentary, and for the most part not have it affect my day-to-day life. I’m not saying this stance on movies is for everyone, but it’s why I go and what I’m looking to see.

Not Necessarily for Kids!


Believe it or not, Hollywood does get it pretty right with their ratings. This one is NOT PG – it’s PG-13. That “teen” differentiator is there for a reason. There’s quite a bit of violence in this movie – guns, things blowing up, etc. Not a lot of language (it IS Mr. Clean Cut, straight-out-of-the-40s, Steve Rogers after all!) and not a lot of sex (although Scarlett Johansson‘s body in that tight suit could potentially turn a gay man straight…or a straight woman lesbian…or suicidal. Sorry – she’s hot and I’m very much a straight woman!) But, I digress (as usual).

My main point here: the violence and intensity in this movie is far above what anyone under 13 should probably witness.

Before anyone rags on me…yes, my twins are only 12. But, I know the level of craziness they can endure and we always talk about it after. There wasn’t a lot of blood/gore in the movie which I know gets to them after all awhile. But, the sheer number of gunshots in certain scenes got to even me after a while so I know it had to affect the two little boys in front of us – and I do mean little. They were maybe 6 and 8. Too young for this movie, even if they are super hero fans.


CA-RatingsBefore you take your child to see a PG or PG-13 movie or even show them an R movie if they’re older (or you’re at home) please consider checking out this site: They have more in-depth 10-point ratings on Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, Profanity. They also provide information about substance abuse, discussion topics and the overall message the movie portrays. However, beyond their ratings are actual details. They list out the scenes in these basic areas and why someone might find them objectionable. They don’t lay out too many as “spoilers” but give general ideas of what might be a problem.

This movie received a 1.6.3 rating – so, not a lot of Sex or Language, but pretty high on violence. The first description of violence is this: “A man is shot three times in the chest and we see blood on his clothing; we later see the man in surgery with bloody drapes on his chest and abdomen as medical staff struggles to save him, but we hear them call a time of death.” You don’t know WHO died or really what happened, but it’s enough to help you decide if that particular scene might be traumatic for your child. I think knowing details like this can help parents make better decisions about movies for their kids beyond a “PG-13” rating.

Therefore, the link for Captain America 2 is here: (and I’ll include this link and the rating image whenever possible on movie reviews).


It give this Three3 out of 4 hippos. So…totally go see this!! If you like the Marvel Avengers characters, this one doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for an in-depth look into society and the ills of human testing, etc….well, you’ll get some of that but it’s so not the point. Don’t go expecting a “smart” movie. It’s super heroes! Go expecting fun, action and a couple of hot guys (loving the addition of Falcon!) and you’ll be pleased as punch. But…if you’re thinking of taking the kiddos, go look at that link above first. You might want to wait for the video and fast-forward through some of the more intense sequences.

XO – T.

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  1. I want to watch them all in timeline order with you! I haven’t watched any of them yet and I know that I am missing a huge cultural growth.

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