Julep Review #1

While meandering through my new obsession, SubscriptionBoxes.com, I found a new box I think I’ll be using for a long time – Julep.com! Since it’s for nails, I was super excited to get my first box and couldn’t wait to try it out.

The Service

Julep MavenThis particular subscription box is almost entirely for NAILS. Since my nails are one of my better physical attributes, I love this idea. They do have a beauty box as well, but I get my fix for that in other boxes. Bring on the polish!

With their beauty Style Profile, you answer a handful of questions and get dubbed one of several “styles”. I was marked as “Classic with a Twist”.

Classic with a Twist

You can change which box you receive each month and include up to three “add-ons” if you’d like. Add-ons include tools, beauty products and polishes. The add-on polish cost is only $4.99 (typically $14/each!) – try to get that anywhere else! Also, if I read my messages correctly, they’re adding new options for customizing your box each month.

Thankfully, I had a code (FREEBOX) so the cost of my first box was only $4.99 for shipping. Otherwise, this box costs $19.99. It’s a little higher than I would like, but you get a nice collection of items + discounts on products. And really great polish.

What’s in the Box?

In my Welcome box, there were two polishes, a full size Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum and two little nail blocks. There was also a 50% off coupon. Nice!

Product Usage

I liked the serum, once I finally got it started. It made a huge difference in my cuticles (but I still need a real manicure before I take anymore nail photos).  The little blocks made a difference in the smoothness of my nails before I polished them. I didn’t use a base coat before I used the Florence (camel) color but I did before I used the Myrtle (flapper red) color – I always use a base before reds or else my nails get tinged pink!

I really liked the camel color! It actually matched my nude heels and had a very 40’s feel to it. The flapper red was a touch too red for my usual comfort level, but I still liked it. Both had a very creamy feel and were super shiny – without a top coat on. (And, yes, I really need to find a better way to take photos for these reviews. Working on that…)



I highly recommend this box if you’re big on trying nail polishes. Easy service, great product and choices so you get what you’ll actually use. Eagerly awaiting my May box – it’s supposed to have a raspberry sorbet shimmer (Maddy) and muted lavender rose crème (Ramona) colors. There’s also a Plie wand, a long handled precision brush – can’t wait to try that!

Definitely try it, at least once! (And try the “freebox” code – I think it’s still active.)

XO – T.

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