Get in the car, Alice

Fantasy stories are some of the best to read. I wish I could write them, but I’m a little too much of a realist. But I look at this photo and try to come up with story that would go along with it…

White Rabbit

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are two of my favorite stories. I saw this on the Facebook and fell in love with it. Pretty sure if I saw a white rabbit in a car, I’d follow him anywhere. And not just because, well, it’s a RABBIT driving a CAR. I’d follow because I want to go to Wonderland. To meet the Mad Hatter, evade the Red Queen, defeat the Jabberwocky with the White Queen, and talk with the Caterpillar. Oh imagine the fun that would be!

What’s your favorite fantasy story?

XO – T.

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  1. My favorite fantasy story is “The Princess Bride”. It is also the only movie that I love as much as the book. In my opinion, the movie stays so true to the book that it is like the book flushes out the movie. It inspires me to not be afraid of adventure. It reminds me of how satisfying it can be to fight alongside your friends or even alone when I must, because I know my friends are right around the corner–usually with a white horse waiting for me. Of course, it teaches me to believe in wuv…twoo wuv…while we’re having fun storming the castle!

    • I love that one, too! I think the big difference between them is how truly fantastical Wonderland is and much of what happens in Princess Bride is still within the realm of possibility. But both have their place in my bookshelves and movie stack! 🙂

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