Grinning like the Cheshire Cat

I took another one of those silly online quizzes. I totally didn’t get the answer I thought I would (or that I was aiming for…). But, I’m not unhappy with the results…

For those who haven’t met me yet, you may not know that I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. The novels, the cartoons, the modern movie and even the TV series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – I love everything to do with this wonderful, wonder-filled land. And of course when a quiz came along to tell me which character from the books I would be I jumped on it! Since these quizzes are fairly malleable to get the response you want, I was answering for the Mad Hatter, or so I thought. There’s something about his madness that’s endearing and recognizable for me. Alas, I did not get him. I, instead, got the Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Cat

I really am grinning like an idiot today! It’s my last day of in-office work. Tomorrow I work from home and Wednesday I leave for a nine-day trip to Costa Rica. Yes, a REAL vacation with my husband. This has not happened since the kids were born and really not since our honeymoon…17 years ago.

So, today I’ll be trying to get stuff done and honestly I’ll be a bit manic. On the whole I’m usually bemused by people running amok, fretting about the little things, trying not to be late, and attempting to herd cats. I’ve learned to take most things in stride, the word “no” is not a bad thing to say and most issues in our individual lives do not require Kardashian-level responses (could that be the new “Code Red”?). I’ve sat in many meetings, just smiling, not reacting, as others flip out over silly things. I doodle while they formulate big plans to correct small mistakes, waiting until they actually ask me to do my part to help fix it. Once they get to that point, I don’t fret, because I know my talents, my skill level and my availability and I’m not afraid to tell them “I, personally, can’t make that happen.” if in fact it’s not within my ability to do so. That will generally cause some panic until we can figure out another solution.

Of course, I do so enjoying toying with those of lesser intellects on occasion as well, so maybe some of the above is just me having fun…

What this really comes down to, for me, is that the world is a fun, mysterious place worthy of some peaceful reflection. So, take a moment to sit back, paste a big smile on your face, then fade into the background – and watch the Mad Hatter run the show for a bit. It can be quite entertaining. 😉

XO – T.

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  1. “Herding cats”
    Oh that made my day!!!! I knew I got that phrase from somewhere. 🙂
    I hope you have an amazing trip!

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