I’m Baaa-aaack!

After 9 days in beautiful Costa Rica, I’m slowly getting back to the routine in Kansas City. Allergies have kicked in, I keep getting my hours wrong (CST vs CDT) and I put on shorts this morning without checking the weather (it’s only 54 here right now).

Blog plans

I have about 300 photos to wade through and three blog posts to write about CR. Plus, my StitchFix and Julep boxes were waiting for me at home, so reviews on those this weekend. My Ipsy & Birchbox shipments are on their way as well so those write-ups should be next week. An old True & Co post to finish & make live. More inspirational photos and quotes and silly pictures to make us all laugh. So LOTS to write about. Having a laptop in my hand again, I’m almost complete.

Tico Time

Stay tuned for more fun to come…when I get to it. I’m really liking the “Tico Time” mentality I picked up down there. Nothing is so urgent in life that we can’t slow down and enjoy other things along the way. It was hard for me to not consult my watch at first, just to make sure we were on time for things, but eventually I just went with the flow. When you make reservations for something, it was more like a general time frame than a hard and fast rule. Being 5, 10 even 15 minutes late was nothing – they all assumed you’d get there eventually and then the adventure could begin.

More on this to come. For now, just enjoy a few of the photos I took (click to read full captions).


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