Finding faith in one’s self

I know I’ve posted a lot of inspirational images but it’s what I think is needed most in the world. Or at least in my world. So many people have a hard time with self-love and self-esteem and I just want to find the right thing that will make them agree and say – “YES! That’s EXACTLY how I feel and what I needed to hear! THANK YOU!”

My friend and coworker, Cara, has a wonderful new blog called “Balance in the ‘Burbs” and she wrote a post called “How to be proud of yourself” and she truly does have a reason to be proud of herself. Not just because she finished a half-marathon with an incredible time. And not because she’s overcome some serious health issues in her short life. But she deserves to be proud of herself because she’s fucking awesome. She’s a bright, beautiful, fun, silly, amazing woman and dammit all woman should be proud of themselves just for merely being.

I say this as a lead-in because so many women I see, friends or acquaintances or strangers on the street, are down on themselves or each other. ME INCLUDED! Right now, in fact. As I write this (not when it will be published) I’m having a conversation with an extremely close friend and I can’t accept anything positive tossed my way. So, I’m going to put these here, because even if they don’t speak to anyone else, they speak to me. And I need them always.

I hope you find something in here to help you today if you need it. Or something to give to a friend, should they need it. Remember, we are all deserving of happiness, love and forgiveness – and sometimes we need these things more from ourselves than from others.

XO – T.

(Shout out to my friend, Karen W., a.k.a. “Wren”. She gave me the Sandpaper image and reminded me that I needed to post these thoughts again. Love her!!)

About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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