Trying to Exhale

Seriously, folks. This is the best advice I’m going to give you for life: find yourself a centered, happy, delightful person to be around. It changes your outlook and makes you strive to be like them.

girlhappyI’ve let a few people into my life recently that are really centered. They find the “happy” in most situations, don’t let negative thoughts or emotions pull them off their life path (at least, not for very long) and they have life forces that are big, strong and beautiful. Truly beautiful. Letting someone into your life with this type of mindset pushes you to be better – to be more like them. Because you don’t want to be the reason they step off their path.

One of those people I’ve let into my life, probably unbeknownst to her, is my coworker Cara M. She writes a new blog over at Balance in the ‘Burbs (READ THIS and subscribe – seriously, she’s a real writer). I mentioned her in my last post about finding faith. We don’t get to interact much at the office but when we do she always has the most beautiful smile and a very calm aura about her. I’m sure it’s some pale blue or golden hue but I can’t see auras, just feel them (and I assume pale blue or golden would be good colors – they sound good…)

Today on her FB page, she had an update about the “Exhale”:

Exhale Post

I love this!! I’ve been pulling in so many things lately – some absolutely wonderful new things that make me indescribably joy filled and some really crappy, really sad, and even some pretty painful things. And I need to exhale. I need to let it go (do NOT start singing or so help me…) I need to sit, to breathe in AND out, accept the joy as something I’m worthy of receiving.

Accept Let Go Have Faith

I glad you’re breathing today – just remember there’s an in AND an out to the process.

XO – T.

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