C’mon, Baby, Light My Fire!

I’m technically a child of the 80’s, born in early 1974, but I was raised by a woman who loves all eras and genres of music. So, the Doors immediately popped into my head for this post (you’ll understand in a minute why). And, yes, I’m that crazy person who uses song lyrics as part of every day conversation. Sorry…not sorry?

What’s the Haps, Babs?

You’re probably thinking that right now, right? (Although maybe not the Babs part…only one person I know calls me Babs, short for Babcock). Anyway…

Today I read an article, “4 Ways to Keep Going When You’re About to Give Up“, and you can’t possibly know how much I needed to read that RIGHT NOW. The four points will sum it up nicely might get you where I am right now (the four items below are quoted directly from the article):

  1. Don't Give UpRe-ignite the Motivational Fire that was there when you started [hence…my post title! You get me…]
  2. Find the Lesson and Use it to Your Advantage
  3. Plan Your Next Forward Steps
  4. KISS (Keep Is Satisfyingly Simple) [NOTE: I personally don’t like how people keep changing KISS away from “Keep it simple, stupid” but in this case I’ll take it. Plus, you know, the thought of kissing in any manner usually brings a smile to my face. I’m silly that way.]

The author puts more under each of those headings like a good blogger does, so I highly recommend going to read it. Go ahead…I’ll wait…

Light My Fire!

Fire EyesWell, you probably guessed that I’m on step #1. I need to reignite my passions in a big way. I have passion for so many things. Spending time with my kids. Writing: this blog, my work blog and my novels. My job and my clients. My friends and family. And I’ve let all these passions fall to the wayside, focusing on too many of the negative things happening in each area.

Here’s what they said under point #1: (again, quoting directly here people)

As things get increasingly difficult, you are in danger of seeing things from a negative perspective….It is absolutely vital to get some gasoline on that fire as soon as possible! You can do this by flipping your focus with powerful questions like these:
  • What will it cost me in 10 years time if I give up? (Really feel the pain associated with how your life will suffer in the future.)
  • Why do I want to achieve this? – (Write down 5 reasons why you HAVE to get it done.)
  • How will I feel when I have overcome every obstacle and achieved the goal? (Get in touch with how amazing it will feel.)

Make a New Plan, Stan

Make a Plan

For each area where I feel like I’m not moving forward, where there is negativity and a lack of joy, I’m going to answer those three questions above. Some plans I might share with you, some will be much more private. But I will make reignite the fire, I will figure out the lessons in the setbacks, I will plan my next steps and I will KISS (and, hopefully, kiss).

XO – T.

About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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