Mom Brilliance: Movie Dates

This morning, my older twin son & I had a discussion about taking girls to the movies. He’s only 12 but apparently he’s ready to talk about dating. I’m not ready yet! But, the conversation was interesting. It went kind of like this:

Sharing PopcornSon: “Does the ‘touching hands in popcorn’ and ‘the old stretch move’ actually work?” [I do not ask where he learned of such things.]

Mom: “Yes, at any age. At least on me they do.” [said with a raise of eyebrows and a silly smile]

Son: “TMI, mom.”

Mom: “Sorry kiddo. But yes, little things to let her know you’re interested in her and acknowledge her presence while at the movies is a good thing.”

Son: “And I should pay, right?”

Mom: “I think so. At least assume you’ll pay unless she wants to cover part of it. I think a gentleman takes care of a lady unless she decides otherwise.”

And…that should spark some internet dialog…keep it nice, please.

Then he pulls out the big questions…

Scary MovieSon: “Okay…should I take a girl to a scary movie so she’ll curl up with me?”

Mom: “Only if she wants to go to one. Some girls will be actually scared and some will be fake scared. Some will laugh and some will watch the same way you do. Don’t pick a movie to make a move, pick it to be able to discuss it and enjoy it. And to enjoy time with her by your side.”

Son: “Well, what kind of movies should I pick then?”

Mom: “Well, you should usually let her pick if it’s important to her. Otherwise, decide together. And if she’s adamant about one particular film, go there.”

Son: “What if it’s a movie I don’t want to see? I mean, it could be a chick flick!” – said complete with eye roll.

Mom: “Well, is it really about the movie or do you want to spend time with the girl? Do you want to see something you like and she might not or do you want her to be happy and remember a good time with you?”

This created a pause in the conversation while he thought that over.

MovieSon: “Well…her, right? I’m going to a movie, or anything, because I want to spend time with her. And I can always see the movie I want alone or with my friends.”

Mom: [silence. stunned happy silence. inside yelling, ‘yes yes yes yes yes! my son gets it!!’]

Mom: “That’s my thought. And if she doesn’t want to pick, maybe a movie isn’t the right date.”

Son: “Okay. We can play video games or take a walk or something else. As long as I get to spend time with her, right?”

Mom: [silence. see above.]

Quiet car ride for a few minutes. Then, one last bit of mom brilliance.

Mom: “And, kiddo? If she picks a superhero movie, marry her. Okay?”

Son: “Duh!” complete with an exploding fist bump.

Superhero Wedding

Yeah. I think this was “Mom Brilliance”.

XO – T.

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  1. Where does he come up with this stuff?

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