Brenna Bakes: Golden Grahams S’mores

Oh dear Lord. I walk in Wednesday morning, already hungry cuz I skipped any sort of breakfast only to find that Miss Brenna is all set to take care of me. Yep..she had cereal waiting for me.

But not just any cereal. Golden Grahams. Quite possibly one of the most perfect cereals ever made by man. So yummy. But, of course, Brenna isn’t just sitting here with a box of cereal and a glass of milk for me. No, not Brenna. She’s turned the delicious cereal into a pan full of awesomeness. And they were called Golden Graham S’mores!


So, it may not look like much. But trust me, it’s one of the most amazing creations you will eat. And we decided it is, in fact, healthy since it includes a killer cereal and chocolate. Whatever. It’s awesome. Who cares if it’s unhealthy or not.


The original recipe is found here:

The original baker has better pictures than mine but they are the same. And very very yummy.

Brenna’s Changes: I asked Brenna if she did anything different from the main recipe. She didn’t use the Hershey bars, which I’m okay with. I liked the little bits of chocolate chips instead of large amounts of chocolate. She did however add more like 3/4 cup of chips instead of the 1/2 cup in the recipe.

These were just yummy and I’ll be making them with my boys now. I know they’ll love them! Definitely a four-hippo recipe!


XO – T.

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