Stitch Fix #5 – So Close and Yet…

Yep – you guessed it. Another StitchFix day! And since that seems to bring a good bulk of people to my site, I don’t know that I’ll stop getting these boxes, even if I never buy anything! 😉

If you’ve been following along the past four months, you know I haven’t had the best of luck with StitchFix. Lots of frustration on the styles and choices and sometimes on size. Catch up if you haven’t read before:

Now, we’re on Month #5 and I was fearful but optimistic. I was pretty harsh on my last post and on the send-back form – but maybe that’s what I needed to do to get them to listen. I may or may not have said things like:

  • Another dress meant for a younger, less curvy woman.
  • Again with a dolman top? I can only say so many times that I do not like them.
  • There aren’t words for how unattractive I looked and felt in this dress.Several times I’ve said I do not like prints. AT ALL. Why keep sending them?!
  • Thoroughly disappointed that we’ve gone back to bad fixes after having some success with #3. Why can’t clients get the same stylist once one finally gets it right?!
  • I really want to like this service but tired of being disappointed.

Okay, so they aren’t as scathing as I originally thought but I wasn’t the most constructively helpful. I was annoyed. A LOT!

But, it does seem to have helped. Stitch Fix #5 was so very close in many ways! Read on to see what I got and what I thought…

What’s in the Box?

Colorful Box

COLORS! Lots of pretty colors! And many that I really like. Very excited by the colors and the options I was sent. Can’t wait to try these on. Really – super excited to get these on!


Super soft, coral-pink, long sleeve or tab-rolled, dressed up or down…so many options for this one. When I first put it on, it was immediately tight on my shoulders. Stretchy so maybe it would be okay. A tad tight on the arms with the sleeves rolled down, but that’s why it’s a tab-sleeve, right? Roll them up – much better.

Henley Down & Buttoned

I liked it…mostly. Look closely at the buttons though…not so good there.

Henley Buttons

So, I rolled up the sleeves and popped a button. Looked more like this:

Henley Rolled & OpenHenley CleavageThe second button was still straining but I couldn’t undo that one as well – a bit too much showing then. With one undone, it was definitely better, but now it wasn’t so good for work – where I need to wear most of my clothes. If I’m going to spend almost $50 on a shirt, it should work without having to wear something else to cover the girls. I know they’re kind of big, but they do make tops to fit my body type. I’ll keep the basic idea in mind but not this specific shirt.


Love this blue shirt! Perfect color for me and the material was really nice. But, we ran into the same problem as the pink shirt – too tight across the chest, shoulders and arms.

Blue Front

…and I would definitely need a control top on this one, for the back. (which, with the low V is really cute!)

Blue Back

But, really, it just wasn’t worth the almost $60 price tag for something that was too tight. I can find something similar but that fits me correctly. But, I’ll be looking for this in the world now.


This top was a cute turquoise color and had potential. Like the layered cut – layers hide a multitude of sins and the criss-cross add accents to the right places. Seeing the size after the first two tight tops made me think it would be a problem, too. And, unfortunately, I was right.


It was just too tight across the bust. And therefore the criss-cross layers didn’t lay flat or correct on me. And that almost $60 price tag…not worth it for me.


I knew pretty quick this was going to be a “No” before I even put it on. The mixed material – gray t-shirt and fuchsia whatever just didn’t work for me. To me it looked like someone had just grabbed a couple of materials and threw them together into a shirt without rhyme or reason. But, I put it on just in case I would be pleasantly surprised.


Even if I hadn’t been prejudiced against it already, the too tight bust and oddly hanging hem completed the dislike. This was really the only complete miss in the box, however, so I don’t feel too bad about slamming it. It’s just not a good look.


YAY! Another chance at a Maxi Dress! I like the colors a lot and the fit looked like it had potential:

Dress Full-length

It was a bit long, but I could always wear wedges with it or have it hemmed. The ruched waist was good too – wide enough the I could place it where it felt best and still have it look like a waist. Even the girls looked pretty comfy in it, although maybe a bit too much of them showing for the office.

Dress Top

I really really wanted to say yes to the dress. Really. But, I couldn’t. Not at $88. Even if i deducted the $20 stylist fee, it was $66. Not when I can find similar dresses for half that cost.


I’m feeling better about the service after this box (we’ll just forget about the little debacle with box #4 for now). I feel like the stylist took a little more time to find things that fit my style and preferences. There weren’t any patterned items or pants, the items were more versatile and other than fit issues some were really close. Unfortunately, it all went back. Four out of five were the right style and colors but they didn’t really fit right. And for those costs, I really do want a little more quality then what I would find at Target. I just can’t justify costs like that for clothes I can find similarly at a dozen stores. I will be on the lookout for items similar to the Henley and the dress however – they were my favorites by far.








Until July’s box….

XO – T.

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    • It was SOOO close! The styles were really good, loved the colors but the sizing was off. The girls just weren’t happy in anything – except the overpriced maxi dress. They liked that a lot. 😀

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