Wait…it’s June?! 5 Ways to Slow Your Roll

How, pray tell, did it get to be JUNE already and late June at that?! That’s nearly 1/2 of the year GONE. And I have no idea where it went!

Ever feel like you’re running in place and the whole world is passing you by? That’s where I’ve been for a while now. I can’t really seem to get my act together in any one area, let alone across all the hats I’m supposed to wear. I’ve been head down, trying to get all sorts of things accomplished and finally lifted my head up today…and it’s JUNE?!


So…what to do about this? How do we slow down time? Well, we can’t of course. Time is just time…it flows and we are taken downriver with it. The next question, therefore, is how do we make better use of our time? And by that, I don’t mean how do we fit more into our day. Instead, I want to ask this – of myself and of you…

How do we make the hours of our life memorable, fleeting as they are?

Making TimeIn reality, this question will mean different things to each of us. It depends on what we each find most memorable, right? For most of us, barring any socio- or psycho-paths among us, the areas we find our memories usually include family, friends, work, helping others, maybe religion (of whatever kind), and the activities we choose to do for fun. So, in my own crazy life, I’m going to attempt to make that flying calendar stop for just a little bit each week, with these choices:

Family First.

When given an option between doing something with my family, particularly my children, or anything else, I’m going to try very hard to choose them first. Over the last 18 years, I have some really memorable times with my step-daughter and in the last 12 with my twins. There are the big memories, like the twins birth, the girl’s graduation, and even trips to Florida, Ohio & Texas. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about dancing in the kitchen while cooking instead of shooing them out of my way. Deciding to play disc golf with the boys instead of alone. Playing chess or other games with them instead of hanging out on Facebook. These things are not only memories for me, but for them. Memories of a happy, fulfilling childhood. Choosing Family First.

Friend + Me Time!

I want more time with my friends, doing silly things, girly things, any things. Shopping, the movies, a drink or three, dancing, and generally goofiness. Learning to say YES instead of MAYBE. Learning to accept friendships instead of questioning them. Letting my friends know I’m there for them, even when they’re hundreds of miles away. It’s not always easy but we do need to make time for important people in our lives outside of our immediate families. This past weekend I took a trip with my KS BFF to Arkansas. It was a great weekend of drinking, boating, dancing and general GIRL time. And we need to do it again…soon.

Excellence At Work.

Whether you’re like me, tied to an office chair, or working retail or self-employed or doing any old job in the world, find ways to be excellent at it. Learn to read situations and people to be a better salesperson, find time to read up on advancements in technology or new applications, and do whatever you can to make the workplace better. For me, I’ll be throwing myself back into nonprofit research and social media exploration. My passion still lies with helping nonprofits use the digital tools at their fingertips and I’ve gotten away from that. Time to make time for it again not only because they pay me to do it but because I like doing it and I’m actually pretty good at it!

Hobbies are good!

Do you read, write, paint, garden, run, bike, lift, dance, build, collect, organize, or any of the bajillion hobbies that exist in the world? Or do you come home from work or school, sit on the couch & watch TV all night, wondering why your life isn’t any fun? Personally, I like to throw Frisbees futilely at metal chain buckets, I write, I read, and I have too many collections to keep up with. But, I don’t make myself make time for these things. Not consistent, regular, focused time. Hobbies help us relax, have creative outlets, and follow passions that we can’t necessary make a living doing…yet.

Me time.

As I write this paragraph, my first thought is…why isn’t this first? Why do so many women put themselves at the bottom of any list? In order for me to be good for my family, my friends, my job or my extra activities, I need to first be the best ME I can be. I need to be relaxed, happy, healthy, and positive. And that takes just as much dedication and attention as anything above. So, i’m going to make more me time. A long bubble bath, a good book, exercise, or anything else that helps me relax.

Slow Your RollDid my title lie?

I don’t know that I really addressed the whole “slow your roll” idea, but I don’t think it really lies. Because by make the most of our moments, making them memorable, we make that time last, at least in our minds. So, in essence it will slow time but making it last in our minds. [That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!]

So…how will you slow your roll in the second half of 2014?

XO – T.

About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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