Preparing to Go to the Movies

When a new movie comes out, do you prepare to attend it or just head on out to the theater and hope for the best? I used to be carefree about my movie attendance but once I had kids I needed to be sure I was making informed decisions. So, here are five websites to visit before you head out to the movies…with or without kids!

Internet Movie Database

IMDB – “Great source for movie, TV and celebrity content”

I like to check this site right after I first hear about a movie. I can get the cast list, basic plot & synopsis, release date, rating, and all sorts of goodies. Once the movie comes out, they also have quotes, the music listing, photos, and member ratings.

Kids In Mind – “Movie reviews that work…with KIDS in mind!”

I’ve mentioned this site a few times in reviews (Captain America: TWS, X-Men:DoFP & HTTYD2). When a movie is rated PG or PG-13, this is a good site to check before you take your kids. It doesn’t give you the typical overview of a movie, it gives you in-depth details about what happens under specific categories – violence, gore, sex, profanity, etc. This allows you, the parent, to make a more informed decision based on what you will allow your child to see or what your child might be able to process. Even older kids might have trouble with certain scenes or concepts depending on what’s going on in their lives – only you, their parent, can determine that!

Rotten Tomatoes – “Is a movie fresh…or rotten? Get the low down with the Tomatometer!”

This site mingles both critic reviews and member reviews for a tasty and healthy mix of details. It’s always interesting to see movies critics like but the public doesn’t, or vice versa. When everyone gets along and loves a movie, that’s definitely one to go see…or be left out at the office water cooler.


RunPee – “Because movie theaters don’t have pause buttons”

This APP will let you know the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes. It has handy Timer features that will buzz you when it’s a good PeeTime during your movie as well as tell you what you’re missing if you do walk out. This is especially great with kids, so you can say, “Wait a minute…something good is going to happen and then we can go!” The APP is available for both iOS and Android.

What’s After the Credits? – “Ever wonder if a movie, television show, video game, etc. has any special scenes during or after the credits. Wonder no more!”

This is simply a site dedicated to laying out if there are little extras during or after the credits. I usually forget to check this one and while we’re sitting through the credits I quickly pull it up to see if we need to be sitting through the credits. For reference, I never need this site for a Marvel movie – there’s ALWAYS a stinger…or two.

Hope these links help you plan a successful movie outing with your kids…or even just by yourself. Now…let’s all go to the movies!!

Movies imageXO – T.

PS – In case you didn’t notice, every review post on this site includes these links for your reference. I’m helpful that way…

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