Brenna Bakes: Possum Pie

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again – Brenna is evil. But I totally love her.

Today, we are being subjected to her evil ways in the form of a Possum Pie. Given the fact that we live in Kansas, you might be wary of such a dish. However, we live in a civilized part of Kansas (we’re from Johnson County, bitch) and therefore this pie is made of cheesecake…chocolate…whipped cream…and pecans. Lord have mercy on my hips!

Possum Pie

Seriously – so damn good!

The Recipe

Here’s the recipe for this yummy concoction:

Brenna’s Changes

I noted that the recipe calls for a rectangular pan (like a cake pan) but Brenna uses 2 large pie pans instead.

Also, the pudding packages are the standard sizes, not the large sizes. Same with the cool whip – regular size, not the big tub.

Make this and make people smile. 🙂

XO – T


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