DEG is Rocking at 150

I’ve mentioned before that the place I hold “a real job” can be totally awesome and pretty damn awesome. Hmm…maybe I need another word for awesome…although it’s pretty appropriate. We’re awesome…and a lot bigger!

Today, we’re celebrating #DEG150. That’s the hashtag you might see floating on social media today as we raise our fists in the air as we nail another milestone – 150 associates!

Breakfast Club

Yep – that’s pretty big for a small company started by three guys while at KU in 1999. After adding two other officers, and with the slow, methodical addition of associates over the years,  we’ve reached 150. As you can see, I’ve been around for a lot of it:


Yep, that #6 means that after our five officers, I’ve been here the longest. (Eleven years, three months and three days to be exact.) I’ve seen a lot in those years, learned an immeasurable amount, and met so many new people. I’m extremely proud to call many of my smart, friendly, and amazingly brilliant coworkers “friend” and I even get the joy of working with one of my four best friends. (She’s beyond awesome!)

This is a place we can call “home” – and not just because we spend so many hours here. The people here care about one another above and beyond other workplaces. We help when and where needed. We share home-grown veggies, home-baked goodies, hugs for support and lots of laughs. Don’t get me wrong – just like any family, there are conflicts and sadness and annoying second-cousins who talk too much. But, honestly, I can’t imagine this place without many of the faces I see everyday.

I’ll be honest, I do miss the days when there were 10, 25 even only 50 of us. I walk into our office Coffee House (yeah, we have that) and I feel compelled to ask, “Are you new here?” a couple of times a week. It’s funny, though. Not once have I introduced myself and seen a look of confusion on someone’s face. I usually get, “Oh – you’re the one who brought in the veggies – thanks!” or “I see your name all over my emails – you do [such and such].” That’s a pretty good feeling, to know you’re not just a number or a face in the crowd. People here know each other – and we like it that way!

2014-08-08 09.27.23

Here’s to another 150 associates and many many more years of growth!

XO – T.

PS – We’re hiring! We’re ALWAYS hiring! Check us out and then check out our opportunities. We’d love to hear from you!

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