Brenna Bakes…no, wait…I BAKED!! Zucchini Bread

My kids, particularly the oldest twin, have been bugging me to bake zucchini bread since we planted the garden this year. I caved this weekend. And I’m so very happy I did!

Yep – this time the baking post if about my own skillz in the kitchen. Such as they are. I’m not great at many things, but this bread is one of my specialties.

Zucchini Bread

Using a single large zucchini (which produced more than the needed 4 cups of grated zucchini) we baked up 6 loaves of bread – one large size, three regular sized and two mini loaves (above photo).

All the Breads

My family ate all of the large loaf last night – seriously, a family of four devoured it like it was manna from heaven. I left one of the regular loaves at home, gave a regular loaf to my KS bestie, a mini to my mother-in-law, and put a regular and mini in the work Coffee House. Where it was devoured by the starving engineers and other digital peeps. As one coworker said it:

“This bread is NOM-Amazing!”

It is super moist and yummy straight out of the pan. It’s also really good when you warm it up and spread some butter on it.


I have an old family recipe I usually use but couldn’t find it this time. However, a quick internet search found one very similar so I used it.



Following are my adjustments to the recipe:

  • Instead of 3 TSP of cinnamon, we added 1.5 TBSP – my son accidentally used the 1/2 TBSP spoon instead of the 1 TSP. Oops.
  • We added extra zucchini to ours. About 1/2 cup extra. I think that adds to the moist factor.
  • I don’t know if it made a difference or not, but I whisked the eggs oil & vanilla (like for scrambled eggs so it was really fluffy) before I added the sugar.
  • I use a food processor on grate for the zucchini and on chop for the walnuts.
  • The small loaves were ready in 40 minutes, the regular size in 50 minutes and the largest in 1 hour.

We’ll be making more soon – I think my life will be in danger if I don’t! 😀

XO – T.

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