My Night at Treads & Threads

Here in Kansas City there is a large gala fundraiser for The University of Kansas Hospital Cancer Center every year called “Treads & Threads”. Through my company and specifically my own job, I’m able to work with this group for their digital needs – and I love it!

The biggest area we’re able to help them with is their website,, as well as emails and social media strategy. As part of our partnership with this amazing event, we are provided with a number of passes and we get to attend this swank black tie gala as a team. Last night was the 12th time I’ve attended and it’s still a great event! It’s fun to walk through the amazing food tables & open bars, dance to the fabulous headliner (this year it was Gavin DeGraw, y’all!) and the always popular dance band. Plus, assuming the weather cooperates, looking up to the fireworks display!

Party with a Purpose

Strip all the fun away, however, and it’s really all about the cause – this is truly a Party with a Purpose. In 2014, the funds raised from this event will go toward genetic counseling and a new palliative care suite. And it feels good to be able to help them raise money for these very local yet global and oh-so-personal purposes.

Interested in learning more?

Want to make a donation?

Photos from the Night

Here’s me in my oh-so-comfortable navy blue gown. You can’t tell, but I’m wear 5″ platform heels with that dress – I felt like an Amazon since they made me almost 6′ tall!


And this is my company (at least, those that attended and remembered to come over for the photo). You can find me about the middle of the group, toward the back.


Every year, I unofficially become the company’s historian and photographer, making sure to get as many of the company’s attendees and dates captured in their fanciness. I won’t post all 69 photos I took of my peeps, but here’s a few to get you an idea of how great the night was and how much fun we have together – work hard/play hard!

If you desire to see all the photos, check out my Facebook photo album.

If you’re in the KC area, I highly recommend attending this event. It’s a great night for a great cause!!

XO – T.

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