Writing With All Five Senses


Since apparently this is a big one I’m missing, I’ll start here. Hmm. Taste…

Types of Tastes

  • TasteHow someone prefers sweet to spicy or salty over bitter, etc.
  • Contrast characters, like how BBQ sauce might make someone from the KC area feel versus a Texan rancher man or a Portland “granola” mom.
  • The first time something is tasted, like a chocolate ice cream cone or a specialty drink. Especially useful with kids or with someone visiting a new country.
  • That fuzzy yuck taste first thing in the morning after having a drink…or eight.
  • How does a kiss taste? How about the differences between a first kiss versus the 100th. Does it taste different between friends, between lovers, between family members?
  • The salty sweat from a neck during a passionate scene. (and, other particular tastes to that acts of that nature…)
  • The fresh toothpaste taste when someone obviously tried to cover up having a cigarette
  • The taste of the air after an explosion or when burning crops
  • When someone is sick or upset, describe how tastes change
  • A lack of taste…that is as important as describing actual taste

Character Reactions

  • How a tongue tingles with certain spices or flavors
  • How the mouth twitches when it wants a taste
  • How the face scrunches on a bad taste
  • Does the character literally or figuratively drool
  • A specific food and how a character interacts with it – tongue swirling on an ice cream cone, crunching an apple, a look of ecstasy with a piece of perfect chocolate

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