Writing With All Five Senses


Taste and smell are greatly linked, did you know that? How something smells – the strength of it, the appeal of it – can affect the preference for the taste of something. So, how can we describe smell?

Types of Smells

  • SmellGood scents that make us think of home
  • Bad scents the dredge up the negative memories
  • Flowers, perfume, food, drink – all the usual things we initially think of for scent
  • Strong scents, like peppermint, that remind many of holidays or family gatherings
  • Differences in body odor, good and bad, male and female, teens vs adults, etc.
  • The smell of sex – that alone could take up pages of a romance/erotica novel!
  • How a fire/smoke smell and then the lack of smell because of it “burning”
  • Describe mold, musty, dusty, old
  • All sorts of animals – pets, wild, at the zoo, smell
  • When you can smell something but can’t see it
  • When a scent doesn’t coincide with what was anticipated – a good-looking man with bad breath, a healthy looking woman with a sickly scent to her hair, a cute child with a stinky butt
  • Conflicting scents that you can’t sort through

Character Reactions

  • Flared nostrils
  • Scrunched nose
  • Pinching nose closed
  • Holding something in front of nose to block scent – with discretion or blatantly

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