Writing With All Five Senses


I’m not those most auditory person – I definitely don’t learn but listening or watching but by reading or doing (I’m very tactile). Most sounds to me are just background noise to the thoughts in my own head or the immediate conversation I’m having with another person. But, that personality trait is one that a character could easily have. Here are some others to discuss on hearing:

Types of Sounds

  • HearThe volume of a TV or movie in the distance
  • Catching a news report at just the right time – or just after
  • The inappropriate laugh track from a sitcom during a serious discussion
  • Children laughing…or crying
  • A man crying or screaming in agony over loss
  • Loud noises like an explosion, fireworks/firecrackers, a car backfiring, a gunshot … and the common confusion between those sounds by the uninformed
  • Modes of transportation – car, motorcycle, train, bus, plane, helicopter
  • The more subtle sounds of biking, swimming, running and walking
  • How someone sounds when they eat – quiet, sloppy, slurpy
  • The sounds of lovemaking – from the quiet, romantic, and moans to the loud, wild, and screams of ecstasy
  • Technology – the subtle hum of a computer, clicks and beeps from video games and phones, someone typing or using a mouse (swish & click in a near silent room), a printer hum and clank and carriage returning
  • Small crowds, large crowds
  • People on an elevator
  • Cards shuffling/being dealt
  • Animal sounds like dogs barking, cats meowing or purring, horses whinnying
  • Fingernails on a blackboard (although very cliché)

Character Reactions

  • Cupping the ear to focus the sound
  • Covering ears
  • Shaking or cowering in fear
  • Returning the sounds / reactions
  • Twitching, cringing, jumping at something loud

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