Writing With All Five Senses


One of the easiest senses to include in a story is sight, because we constantly have the characters looking at things to tell the reader what they see. However, we sometimes forget the more basic parts of a scene to describe:

Types of Seeing

  • SightLittle details, like the clown knickknacks on a shelf or the title of a book on the bedside table
  • Lighting – dark, light, romantic, eerie, candlelit, floodlights, sunlight
  • The relative messiness or cleanliness of a room or a person
  • The comparative colors of items – someone could simply have “brown eyes” or they could have “warm, honey-brown pools of amber” or “flecks of gold in their shit brown eyes”
  • The clashing of colors or prints
  • Repetitive colors
  • Furniture, particularly something oddly placed
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoid / imagined visions
  • Fireworks
  • Various looks of intimacy – when you secretly glance at a crush, lighting up at the return of a loved one, during intercourse, during orgasm, post intercourse
  • Looks of emotion – anger, sadness, joy, content, despair, depression, confusion, etc. Highly recommend looking through The Emotion Thesaurus as you try to describe emotions. The authors do a fabulous job of telling you how a person would look and act while feeling a myriad of emotions.

Character Reactions

  • Widening eyes
  • Squeezed or pinched eyes
  • Covering eyes or forcing someone to uncover their eyes
  • Shifting, rolling or averting eyes
  • Winking or blinking – or unblinking

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