Writing With All Five Senses


Oh, touch. Probably my favorite of the five senses. And so many things to describe with this one!

Types of Touches

  • TouchThe soft feeling of a baby’s skin
  • The rough feeling of a working man’s hands
  • Various caresses of lovers
  • Animal fur or the feeling of hair – on the head, through fingers, tickling a face
  • How various textures feel to a character – indoor, outdoor, human, animal
  • The rush of wind
  • Raindrops – sprinkling, raining, storming
  • Human skin on skin in various instances – fighting, lovemaking, comforting. Is it sweaty, dry, soft, rough?
  • Imagined touch or caress
  • The lack of touch is also important – going too long without touch, desiring someone’s touch
  • How a “look” feels on the skin – like being undressed, comforting, hurtful, “daggers to the heart”
  • Differences in a character touching themselves versus someone else doing it – fingers through hair, ticklish places, sexual touches, inflicted cuts or pain

Character Reactions

  • Shivering
  • Goosebumps
  • Internal reactions – heart thump, blood boiling, deep breathing
  • Turning into or away from the touch
  • Unnoticed / no reaction
  • Instant versus slow response

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