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My Strangers series is ready to have the THIRD novel added to the mix! Compliments from a Stranger was written two years ago and I wrote most of Stranger in Pursuit this past April. Now, I’m ready to dive into Reflection of a Stranger…I think.

I’ve got the prologue and a few chapters written even though Book #2 isn’t quite done (cannot figure out how to end it correctly – grrr). I thought I’d share the prologue to Reflection to see what people think. Please remember this is a WORK IN PROGRESS and totally MY WORK (be nice and don’t steal – kthnxbye). It’s mostly unedited but the idea for what happens to Koty in the novel are pretty well outlined in my head and I’m dying to write it! Please share your thoughts. Please? 🙂

Reflection of a Stranger: Prologue

Reflection Image‘I can do this. I can leave. She’s got Jaycen and I can walk away from her.’

Koty laughed at himself, knowing that he could indeed walk away but it just might kill him. Because when he left, his heart would still be here, with Reese.

He stood and leaned his guitar against the wall, walking the long distance across the small room to kneel in front of her. Taking her hands carefully in his, he was amazed at how small they seemed when he held them.

“You did a good thing here today, darlin’. You have a gift for making people feel welcome and wonderful. Thank you for including me.” He kissed her fingertips then smiled sadly at her. “I love you, darlin’. But I can’t stay around here anymore. I wanted you to know before anyone else that I’m going to leave for a while.”

He read the fear in her eyes, waited for her to respond. “”Koty…” she hesitated, “Jaycen will be lost without you here…and…so will I.”

His heart broke a little more as he stopped the tear that started to drift down her cheek. “I know, darlin’. But I’ll be lost if I stay. Or I’ll end up doing something really stupid. Because I can’t continue to be around you and not be with you.”

“Just…tell me you’ll be back. Please.”

“Don’t cry, darlin’. Of course I’ll be back. I figure there’s a wedding in the near future and someone will have to sing at the reception.” He leaned closer to her and decided it would be safer to kiss her temple instead of her lips at the last moment. As the others came down into the basement, he stood and stepped away from her, returning to his stool and his guitar, quietly strumming the chords to the song he just sang to her.

He ignored the calls and questions of their friends as they crowded into Jaycen’s basement rec room, the cacophony of sound masking his lack of response. He slipped through the group, gently touching hands or shoulders as he walked through, knowing this would be the last time he saw them all for a long time.

Watching from the stairs, he wasn’t surprised when Jaycen took over the group and starting singing. He was surprised when several of the women joined in and their voices mixed well with the male group.

Reese sat beside him on the steps, so close he felt her heat through his jeans. Clenching his fists to control himself, he breathed through his mouth to avoid as much of her sweet, intoxicating scent as he could. He tapped her foot with his boot and she smiled up at him. Holding out a piece of folded paper, he waited until she took it before he spoke.

“That’s for Jaycen. He deserves an explanation. But it’s just for him, okay? Don’t read it, darlin’.”

Reese sad smile spoke volumes and she leaned against his arm. She worked over the fold in the paper with her nails, creasing the paper deeply. “Alright.”

“I love you, Reese. Remember that, no matter what happens.” Koty looked across the room and snuck a kiss to the top of her head while Jaycen’s back was to them.

Reese took a deep breath, her breast brushing against his arm and he tightened the fist at his side.

“I gotta go, darlin’.” He stood and grabbed his guitar case, rushing up the stairs before anyone could see or stop him.

Upstairs, he listened as Reese spoke to Jaycen, her soft, beautiful voice carrying up the stairs to him.

“Koty…needed to leave. He said he’ll be back though.” He heard the expectant pause in her voice, knowing she was waiting as Jaycen read his hastily written message. “Before everyone came downstairs, he told me he was leaving. You know he wouldn’t want a big goodbye or any kind of fuss. Let him go this way.”

Happy that she knew him so well but saddened that he wouldn’t get to be with her, Koty left the house and fled the city.

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