In Honor of Veterans

Today is an important holiday in America. It’s one I think should be celebrated a little more publicly – with a lot more pomp and circumstance! Today is Veterans Day.

I am the daughter of a Navy mom & dad, granddaughter of a Naval Commander and even have a Naval great-grandfather! My husband and step-father both served in the Army. I have a cousin in the Air Force and a great coworker who is also in the Air Force. I have very close friends that have served in the Army, Navy & Marines – from the Vietnam era to Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom. I’ve known men and women who’ve received some of the military’s highest honors, including Purple Hearts and Bronze Stars; men who were injured in battle and continued to fight and to help others. I’ve surrounded myself with Veterans and today I want to honor them.


Every day as Americans we have what we jokingly refer to as “First World Problems”. Problems that aren’t really problems in the big scheme of things but they’re there as reminders of the great wealth of freedoms we experience in our country. Freedoms that we enjoy every day even when we don’t understand how we got them or what it means to truly have them. And we have these freedoms not because of politicians. Oh, the government decides our laws and what’s a privilege or a right in our country and sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don’t. But we truly have our freedoms, our way of life, because of the men and women who believe in those freedoms – believe in this country – so much that they are willing to take up arms and defend those freedoms to the death.

Naval ShipsSailors spend months on a ship or a submarine, they travel the ocean blue and say, “You will not break through. You will not hurt these people. We will protect them until our dying breath.”

Soldiers stand on a wall, they point weapons at those who would attempt to change our way of life, they look over their shoulders at the huddled masses and say, “Nothing is going to get you today. Not on our watch.”

ChopperPilots of jets and choppers take to the air, cover us with protection from above, surveying the land, watching for those who would attack and say, “Get back! This is our land! This is OUR life. You do not belong here.”

So many men & women have defended our country, our freedoms, our very way of life. They serve, protect and they are the ones who ensure us our enduring freedoms. They sacrifice “normal” marriages and family life for limited pay and crazy living conditions. They can be sent to the worst places on earth to be sure those places don’t extended into our country. They hold at bay those who hate us because they don’t understand our way of life. They do everything for love of country…they do it for us….they do it for you and for me. For our children and our children’s children.

Take a moment to find a Veteran today. Thank them for their service. For their sacrifices. For their love of country. Thank them for being the brave men and women they are. Thank them from the bottom of your heart.


About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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