All Dreams Matter, Big or Small

I’ve had a secret dream since I was about 10, one that I honestly thought I’d never be able to live as an adult. But, this year, I will have the chance to cross off this “bucket list” item – PERFORM IN CARNEGIE HALL!!

A little background music, if you please

I’ve always been a pretty musical girl – whether it be a love of dancing, singing or my instruments of choice (piano, trombone or french horn). I wasn’t a prodigy by any means but I tried hard and I’ve always loved the stage and performing. At one time, one of my college majors was Music Performance – Trombone, but that didn’t really fly too well. Since college, I’ve found musical outlets through community bands, church choirs and even leading the children’s worship for a few years.

For the last 18 months, I’ve been involved with the local junior college chorus – the Johnson County Chorus. I really like it – it’s a great group of people with a talented director and a fairly diverse music selection.

The Johnson County Chorus, directed by Anita Cyrier

The Johnson County Chorus, directed by Anita Cyrier


In addition to that group, I was able to work with a local volunteer chorus last summer who gathered together to help a doctoral candidate by singing “Elijah”. And this past winter I was involved in a volunteer group gathered by the Lyric Opera of Kansas City that included over 200 veterans and supporters to give homage to the WWI Christmas Eve truce with Christmas songs sung that night, including a flash mob type performance at the Liberty Memorial.

(You can see me walk across the platform in the purple-y sweater and hug one of my sons at the beginning of this video and then join the singers about the middle of the pack once we’re singing.)

So…what’s the haps now, Babs?

Well, last May the college chorus was invited to join with other similar groups at the DCINY performance in June 2015. This group will be performing “Requiem à deux” including the Faure and Duruflé Requiems on Sunday, June 7 in the Stern Auditorium at CARNEGIE HALL!!

DCINY Performance

Along with about a dozen of my peers, I happily signed up when I realized I would get to live my childhood dream! For a small town girl who always wanted the chance to perform in the “Big Apple” this really can be a dream come true!

However, as a mom of three my finances are (understandably) limited for such a venture. Even going it alone, it’s an expensive trip for me to make. All told, it will probably be close to $2,000 for registration, air, hotel and incidentals for the trip. So…

Help me…please?

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall

I know this isn’t as pressing a concern as so many other personal funding accounts you may have seen. I’m not trying to save my house or pay off medical expenses or even pay for college (that last one might come later…just sayin’). I’m simply wanting to experience something I honestly never thought I’d have the chance to do.

So…I’m asking my family, friends, followers and any passers-by to lend me a financial hand. You don’t have to provide much – $5 or 10 from many people will build up just as quickly as hundreds from a few people. Even if I don’t raise everything needed, I hope I can get enough to be able to make this trip in a safe and enjoyable way.

If you can help in any way, big or small, please check out my Go Fund Me page with additional details and donation options: I appreciate all who give and I will give social media & blog thanks to all who do so (and who don’t wish to remain anonymous). You’re all wonderful people and even if you can’t personally help, please consider passing my message on to others who might…or at least spare a kind thought for me as I try to live one of my dreams.

XO – T.

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