Stitch Fix #10 – For the Win!

You may have noticed the lack of Stitch Fix posts after #5. I think in the nine previous shipments, I’ve kept two items – a pink top and a blue cardigan. I was so disappointed in the items I had received I couldn’t even write about them anymore. Lots of ill-fitting, wrong season, or PRINT items. I actually took a little break but then came back for #10…And I loved it!

For reference, here are the old posts: #1, 2, 3 (+ response), 4, 5


First, they gave me a different stylist – Rhonda.

Rhonda – if you read this, you’re the best! Absolutely, hands down, the best! You get me. All the right colors and styles and only a little off in sizing. Thank you thank you thank you!

This is her cute little note to me (taken at an angle to hide my email address – deal with it):

Feb Note

Couple of points in her note:

  • Birthday: I did say that my birthday was coming up in early March and that I wanted something special to wear out. Rhonda didn’t disappoint – four dresses and a cardigan? Perfect start!
  • Layering: You had me at cardigan, Rhonda, you had me at cardigan…
  • No Prints! Why did you have to go out of budget to honor my request of no prints? Are prints less expensive than solid colors? Just curious.
  • Try everything on for the most fun? Duh! I try to make it a point not to judge something as good or bad unless I’ve actually experienced it. I’ve always tried on every piece, so that wasn’t a problem at all.

Here’s what was in the happy bundles (yes, two this time!):

Feb Bundles

Andrew Marc Lunah Faux Wrap Sweater Dress

I was sure I would love this dress! I like the top-wrap look and of course the blue was so pretty. However, the wrap wasn’t made to cover the girls I currently possess so I was showing a bit more cleavage than I was really comfortable with:

It was soft & comfy, with FULL LENGTH sleeves (not 3/4 or just at my wrists, but LONG) and it really was a good navy color. But as you can tell from my expressions, I wasn’t overly happy with the results once it hit my body. It just wasn’t really flattering. Which is okay, since this was one of the two highest priced options. Moving on…

Andrew Marc Corin Colorblock Sheath Dress

I do love a good colorblock dress! And this one looked promising on paper:

Feb Colorblock Card

I didn’t notice the little white on the arm holes from the card and it dismayed surprised me when I shook out the dress. Nevertheless, on it went.

Feb Colorblock

Again, I think the look says it all. This was just big everywhere on me. I couldn’t take a picture of it well, but I was able to gather about two handfuls of fabric behind me and then it had some shape. When I did that, I remembered – I HAVE a dress a lot like this! A bodycon dress that I LOVE:

Feb My Colorblock

At almost $100, I was okay with sending theirs back and being happy with my Roz & Ali dress from DressBarn that was much less!

Renee C Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan

Yes yes yes! CARDIGAN!

Feb Cardi Card

I mean, I probably need another cardigan like I need a hole in the head, but I actually had been looking for a new grey one – mine is fairly “well-loved” these days. This one is perfect – great to dress up or down!

Cute, right?! I wore it all day Saturday, even once I was home and had changed into lounge pants. I didn’t want to take it off! Yep, definitely a keeper!

41Hawthorn Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress

When I first looked at the cards, I didn’t catch it. But, once I shook them out and started trying them on it dawned on me – same dress, different colors!

At first I was a little bugged that they would do this. I mean, aren’t there enough dresses in the world my size that I can get two different ones? But, once I started trying them on, I was happy to see it in different colors, just like I would if I went shopping. Here’s how they look:

Feb Blue Front

The blue one (why THREE blue dresses? I’m not sure. I like a lot of colors, just not orange or yellow) fit mostly well with some extra fabric at the top (you can see the weirdness over my right breast). I considered keeping it anyway, knowing my tailor could address the extra fabric pretty easily. However, I then tried on the burgundy one…

This is how it fit without any Spanx, control top hose or anything else to smooth out the rough spots. Love love love love love!! Yep, you can tell from the smiles that I LOVE it!! And, yes, I definitely kept it! Birthday present to myself! 🙂


There you go! Three returned and TWO KEPT! Although I did send back three, they were really close and I will look for the same basic ideas when I go dress shopping again. Which I think is another good use of this service – even if the clothes aren’t kept, it’s a way to try new styles without having to go shopping. Those two I kept are absolutely delightful and I’m so excited to wear them. They set me back $100ish but as a birthday present for my 41st, I think I’m worth it. I know I’m saving up for a trip to New York but I have a couple of places this new dress will carry me before then and the cardi will be well loved for many years…and they’ll both be good in NY as well! 🙂

Want to try StitchFix yourself? Please use my referral link!

XO – T

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