Joy Captured in Paint

For my birthday one of my best friends, Kim, gave me a painting. It brings me such joy that I can’t not share with you.

Kim’s mom teaches a canvas painting class in Ohio at Cora’s Countryside Creations (please check her Facebook page, especially if you’re in the northeastern Ohio area). Since I live in Kansas I’m never able to take the class and I’ve been very pouty about missing out on the paintings they create. When I saw they were going to make the one below, I (half) jokingly told Kim I would gladly accept one for my birthday. The week before I turned 41…there it was! And I was overjoyed.

I don’t know if the painting has an official name but I think of it as “Kissing in the Rain”. And I can’t say I know a lot about art but I know what I like. I like art that evokes feelings. Art that makes me feel something real every time I look at it. And this does that for me.

What do I see?

When I look at this painting, I always look at the couple first. The way they’re holding each other. I imagine their eyes are just closing as they begin to kiss – they stared as long as they could into each other’s eyes before their lips met. I smile at the way her hands are entwined behind his neck, pulling him down just a little more to her shorter height. I smile at the way he holds her at the waist, but respectfully, not too close to give the wrong impression but close enough to share body heat and desire. To me, this is a sweet first kiss, a happy event for any couple falling in love.

Then my eyes travel up to the umbrella. Although the handle is beside her, you realize the man is holding it. He’s protecting her even as he kisses her. There is love in that gesture. There is protection and care and respect. There is trust from her side, belief that he will take care of her, that he will ensure her safety and warmth and happiness as much as he can.

Looking out to take in the whole image, you see the rain that’s about to come down hard on them. It doesn’t phase them – they are secure in their embrace, in their love, in each other. The crayon colors (yes…crayon) used in the rain gives the feeling of dusk or maybe dawn. The hint of pink mixed in with the various shades of blue tells you this isn’t a midnight tryst or illicit meeting. This is a couple in love, walking in the rain, maybe after quiet meaningful dinner together, and they simply stop to kiss as the rain falls around them.

What do I see? I see love and respect. I see hope. And I see joy.

What do I feel?

When I look at this painting, when I just stare and take it in and let myself BE with the painting I have all the feels. But, mostly? I feel peace. I feel hope. I have a sense of longing and love at the same time. I want to be the woman in the painting. I want to know I am protected, loved, and respected, even as the rain – or as the world – falls down around me.

Most simply put, I feel joy when I look at this couple, when I look at this painting. Thank you, Kim & Cora – it was a perfect birthday present to last me for years to come!

XO – T.

If you’d like to take attend one of Cora’s classes, please check her Facebook page:

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