Writing Under the Influence

My blog just told me it’s been a month since my last post. EEP! Sorry I disappeared…

For the last month I’ve pretty much been battling bronchitis and working my tail off.


Breathing TreatmentsYes, I’ve been battling bronchitis. About the time I think I might be getting a handle on it, it takes over my body again. The coughing, the wheezing, the medication side effects. I’ve had three doctor visits and a late-night trip to the ER for it. There’s been Advair, Albuterol, Singulair, Z-pack, Prednisone and Augmentin running through my system in various dosages and combinations for all of May. And I’m really debating what’s worse – not breathing easily or all the medication side effects!

So far I’ve dealt with extremely rapid heart rates, mood swings from Hades, insomnia and fatigue. But my favorite has been the uncontrollable tremors. Oh yes. These are fun. Just randomly attacking my body, usually my arms, specifically my right arm, these tremors are scary. Usually when I’m holding something like a drink.

Tonight, I’m working under the influence of Albuterol and Advair and will soon have codeine in my system again (must…sleep…) But I thought I should at least let y’all know where I’ve been.

In other news…

I went to New York for five days in early June…and sang in my female tenorette voice…


CarnegieThat’s right. I sang in CARNEGIE HALL courtesy of DCINY – Requiem a Deux I’m going to write a whole post about the trip but I just can’t get over the bucket list fulfillment. Have you ever had a dream so big that when it came true it was almost a let down? This wasn’t quite that. But it’s taking me some time to put some perspective around my trip, realize what I was feeling and taking from such an adventure and where to go from here. That will all be in the blog post to follow. But it’s wonderful to have a dream come true like that!

And there’s more to life…

There’s more stuff going on as well that I’ll be filling you in on soon. Writing stuff. And reviews. And life stuff. I just wanted to let you know I’m still here…and I’ll be around more. 😀

XO – T.

About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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