Buy Yourself Flowers Day!

Last week, I really wanted some flowers on my desk. No special occasion, no holiday or reason. I just really wanted fresh flowers on my desk. Particularly lilies, which I can’t get anyone to understand are my favorite! (Even if I use them as a device plot in my novels…)

So, I took to Facebook and asked my friends this question:

“Is it a bad thing to send flowers to yourself? I really want some lilies on my desk and I don’t see anyone else sending them to me anytime soon. So, is sending them to yourself weird or just self-sufficient?”

And, WOW did my gal pals let me know what’s what!

“Always buy yourself flowers. Never wait for someone else to step up. You are a gift, not an obligation.”

“It’s totally OK! Send your self a card too!”

“Real women buy themselves flowers.”

“Send them! You know exactly what you like and ‘somebody’ will get the hint hopefully! Heck, send them to yourself at home too!”

This was a BIG eye opener for me. I’ve always waited (and waited and waited) for someone else to give me flowers. To show they loved me with a little gift or certain words or whatever. It always felt weird to get them for myself, unless they happen to come from my garden. But, why NOT do it for myself? What law says you can’t buy something like this for yourself?

Therefore, I declared TODAY, June 29,
Buy Yourself Flowers Day!

Here are the beautiful white Asiatic Lilies I purchased on my way into work this morning. Yes, THESE are my favorites…in case anyone reading needs the hint… (and in the background of a couple of photos you can see my book cover and the Bright Diamond white lily I use on there!) When I bought them, I made sure there was a good grouping of blooms, ready to bloom and buds so I should have blooms all week. 🙂

And…as I was quickly typing this up, a coworker brought me this beautiful little handmade box from his wife (we’re FB friends as well). She is the SWEETEST Brit I know and she’s right – they look wonderful on my desk and will brighten it up for a long time!

Now, what are YOU waiting for? Buy yourself some flowers today! Take a break at lunch or on your drive home. You know what you like so brighten up your desk, your kitchen, your bedroom – wherever you need a little bit of self-love and happiness.(And, yes, this goes for the men as well! There’s no reason you can’t have a little beauty on your desk as well.)

Don’t wait for someone else – show yourself some love today!!

Flowery hugs to you all! XO – T.

About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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