Silence [A Poem]

I’m feeling the gray skies crowd around and more than a little Eeyore-ish this week. I’m sharing an old poem that kinda sums up my heart at the moment.


i live in virtual silence
where no one seems to speak to me
but words are my only strength
the place I rarely doubt myself
i can tell a story with





and discuss the most mundane of matters
but when no one wants to share with me
discuss with me
even argue with me
the doubts creep in

am I not interesting?
am I not smart?
am I just kidding myself?

so back into my quiet cave
a place of silence
inside my own head
my shrinking heart
alone I sit
and wonder why
but voicing not
the thoughts




About T.A. Babcock

Writer, artist, mom, special project manager, MS Office Goddess, beautiful dreamer, randomly eccentric lady. (Not necessarily in that order...)

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