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Hey, Parents… let’s keep our kids safe online!

It’s back to school time and I seem to post this message every year about now. PLEASE please please be careful with your CHILDREN’S identities online.

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My Wrestling Heros

Today my boys officially completed the Hero Quest with Hero Wrestling!

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Story Building: One Word at a Time

Tonight while waiting to see the Christmas lights, the family and I played a word game. The rules are simple…build a story with each person providing one word in a round robin format until two people finally say “The. End.” Sometimes, the adults needed to remember they were playing with children, which resulted in some skewed stories.

Here are some of the results:

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A Note to Elf on the Shelf Parents

Dear Elf on the Shelf Parents,

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The 50 First Dates Challenge

I love a good romantic movie. The kind that leaves you a sappy, soppy, mascara-streaked, hiccuping mess of emotions. The top movie that always leaves me crying – always – is 50 First Dates. And I’m pretty sure it’s screwed up my vision of romance forever. Read the rest of this entry

Dreams & Fantasies: An Uncomfortable Conversation with My Son

Oh, Victoria’s Secret. Usually I defend you without fail. I buy your high-priced bras because you understand that large-sized women don’t necessarily want to settle for “lightly lined” (read: ZERO support) bras or bras that are all function and no fun. But today you made me have a very uncomfortable conversation with my almost 13-year-old son. And I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

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Costa Rica, Here I Come!

It’s official! I’m finally getting a trip out of the country! At the time this post went live, my flight should be taking off! OMG OMG OMG!!!

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A Private Moment

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room outside Washington D.C., wondering why I’m wide awake even though my body is screaming for sleep.

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Door Phenomenon

Am I coming or going?

How in the world did April get so PACKED?? I just stopped and really looked at my calendar for the next 30 days. It’s a bit insane and intense!

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