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Buy Yourself Flowers Day!

Last week, I really wanted some flowers on my desk. No special occasion, no holiday or reason. I just really wanted fresh flowers on my desk. Particularly lilies, which I can’t get anyone to understand are my favorite! (Even if I use them as a device plot in my novels…)

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Writing Under the Influence

My blog just told me it’s been a month since my last post. EEP! Sorry I disappeared…

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Give Yourself a Valentine’s Gift of Self Love

Oh you love haters! We’ve all been inundated with the “I hate Valentine’s Day” naysayers, haven’t we? Complaints about the commercial aspects, how it’s a “Hallmark” holiday (which, BTW, it’s NOT. Do a little research, would ya?) and, worst in my eyes, the “I’m single and this day SUCKS” people. This is a note to you…and to those who love Valentine’s Day. And to even those who are ambivalent about it. Basically, it’s a note to everyone. 🙂

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Finding Strength from Within

Lately I’ve been fighting life. Family, friends, community, work …everything and everyone. And it’s time to stop.

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Affirmation Giveaway

I have another post coming (soon?) that will talk more in-depth about self-esteem and self-worth. But, right now, I want to briefly talk about affirmation…and giving it away.

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What is…Sexy?

I’ve been talking a lot about my novels to new friends lately and they all seem caught off guard when they find out I write…(whispers) erotica. It usually leads to a discussion about sex and sexiness and the general perception of this in the real world versus novels. Herein lies my take on that very fun word and concept.

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I am more than this…

After a fairly uneventful day, I was having a rather disparaging night. Every negative emotion I could imagine was piling one atop the other and I was at a major breaking point. I went to Facebook…sometimes it’s my place of solace and other times my final straw. I didn’t know which it would be tonight but I was ready for either.
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KCCC Disc Golf – Bronze, Baby!

After four years of playing, I finally won a medal in disc golf!

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It’s a Julep Day!

JulepI got a new subscription box today – Julep! For me, this is a great box, since it features nail care and colors. I was born with great nails that are usually very strong and I can grow naturally long – no fake nails for this girl!

Based on my style profile with them, I’m “Classic with a Twist: You’re an iconic beauty with a timeless aesthetic. You’re drawn to chic, elegant colors that pair well with any occasion…” – I like them already! 🙂

I’ll wait to write my actual review until I try the products but the picture is a quick preview of the box.


FEAR = Sleeplessness

I shouldn’t be this nervous about a doctor’s appointment. My head knows this. Yet my anxiety meter is set pretty high, I’m shaky, and even though I’m exhausted I can’t sleep. I’m trying to convince myself that the pains I’m feeling are psychosomatic or anxiety-based but I’m not buying it apparently. A few more hours and then I can laugh at myself and these fears…right?

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